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Why “A Better Way to Partner” is More than a Tagline

Apr 13, 2022

Senior Vice President, Marketing

Partnerize takes the role of being a leader in partnership automation seriously. But this didn’t just click overnight—and it certainly wasn’t happenstance. It progressed naturally through witnessing decades of challenges inside the affiliate channel, all the while knowing there had to be a better way to comprehensively manage partnerships. It was this drive to do better for marketers that led us to create a model that was unavailable elsewhere in the market: a meeting point that intersected software and services. By combining software and service optionality, we are able to address and overcome fundamental issues that hindered not only the category for securing its position as a primary in the marketing mix, but also to address the very real issues and perceptions that marketers have when it comes to affiliate. We knew we had an inherent advantage built into our model’s DNA. On one hand, we had the technology that can support the facilitation of partner discovery, recruitment and onboarding all the way through to payment and optimization. On the other, we had seasoned and passionate affiliate/partnership experts who were ready to help marketers optimize their partnerships and turn them into profit centers—a feat not easily attainable by brands on their own or while employing a legacy affiliate network that propagated a last-click attribution model that alienated so many profitable partnerships.


Moreover, it was these same industry observations that led us to develop our core values, priding ourselves on putting the customer first and doing the right thing quickly became paramount. We wanted to make certain that marketers always had the ability not to settle for the self-interested status quo offering that so many legacy affiliate networks used because for too long, that is what our category did. It settled on technology innovation and it settled on accepting that the channel would never occupy a seat at the CMO’s table. But Partnerize was determined to change all that, our values aren’t just words—they’re purposeful, intentional. Our entire business model is built on the cornerstone of customer centricity, doing the right thing, and never settling for less.


In fact, the Partnerize platform is the only of its kind that delivers a fully integrated, comprehensive suite of discovery, recruitment, optimization, payment, brand safety and fraud prevention capabilities for marketers seeking a transparent and scalable subsidy to alleviate pressure on their unit economics—an unfortunate result of over dependence on primary sales and marketing channels. But we didn’t stop at the software. Partnerize is also supported by unrivaled service that includes the category’s only in-housing support program. This combination of comprehensive software capabilities and unparalleled service optionality, is what enables Partnerize to put the marketer in complete control of their entire partnership marketing experience—and all of this happens within a single platform. With marketers’ success at stake, we leave nothing to chance when it comes to turning their partnerships into profit centers.


Therefore, our “Better Way to Partner” tagline has a dual purpose. On one hand, it makes an honest acknowledgement that the old game, led in large part by legacy affiliate networks and SaaS-only providers, is hindered by reputational challenges of the channel. This includes the prevalent perception and lingering reliance on last-click attribution, the opacity of the supply chain, fraud (and general bad actors), as well as the overall manual nature of day-to-day channel administration. Software-only providers were operating solely as that with no educational component or service offering to help those marketers who simply didn’t know what they didn’t know about being successful in this industry. There was nothing available that could help brands effectively manage their channel execution and leverage the technology to enable them to achieve the outcomes they desire. And on the other side, legacy networks providers also lacked the educational component necessary for marketers to cultivate the expertise and resources to equip them to manage their program themselves.


In aggregate, all these have impeded the channel from realizing its potential as a creator of operating leverage for businesses woefully over dependent on primary sales and marketing channels. On the other hand, the tagline confirms that the situational realities of the past two decades have yielded to a new game, where the winners on both the demand and supply side of the ecosystem are leveraging the solutions and operating practices that have been developed to directly address those challenges and provide the capabilities required to support the go-forward growth of the channel as it moves beyond the constraints of the narrowly defined affiliate channel. If you’re looking for evidence of this, look no further than to the entrance of new brands into the category, the increase in attributable revenue contribution from our channel to overall partner revenue builds, the shift in ownership of the partnership channel from transactional advertising budgets to strategic initiatives with new reporting lines, and innovation in compensation models for partners. Partnerize is seeing all of that throughout our business and we expect more of the same as we head deeper into 2022 and beyond.


For further validation, Partnerize has consistently produced category sales indexes intent on informing marketers of our own platform performance. Partnerize was also recently invited to take part in The Forrester Wave™: Channel Incentive Management, Q1 2022 analyst report where we were named a “Strong Performer”. We were the only partnership automation provider included in the analysis. So, for us, providing our ecosystem with a better way to partner via comprehensive partnership automation and service optionality runs deeper than just a tagline. It’s who we are as a company, it’s our ethos.


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