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Protect, powered by BrandVerity

Ensure brand safety with “always on” compliance and fraud monitoring powered by BrandVerity.

The partner channel’s leading comprehensive brand safety and fraud prevention solution.

Manual compliance audits are endless, time consuming and ineffective. Protect is Partnerize’s “always on” fraud detection and automated compliance monitoring solution that ensures brand safety and cost control across your partnerships.

Maintain brand integrity.

Manually detecting and managing trademark infringement is challenging due to geographic limitations and time-consuming searches of various browsers. Protect enables you to maintain brand integrity within your partner ecosystem using always on, worldwide search monitoring across all major search engines.

Safeguard marketing budgets with data-driven fraud detection.

Digital fraudsters continue to evolve, requiring responsive technology that adapts to their habits. Protect uses advanced, proprietary data science to detect unusual patterns that warrant review so that marketers can effortlessly remain proactive when it comes to fraud.

Efficiently manage fraudulent activity.

Protect constantly monitors your data to detect sudden changes in key metrics within your partner program– triggers that could be indicative of partner fraud. Easily detect and manage these violations by customizing communication preferences that automate infringement notifications and expedite resolution.

Industry-leading compliance monitoring and management technology at your fingertips.

Protect is powered by BrandVerity, a paid search monitoring and web compliance solution, that automates continuous brand safety in marketers’ partner management programs. Marketers leveraging Partnerize are able to effortlessly implement search monitoring and web compliance solutions to automate traditionally manual fraud audit tasks and maintain a well-lit space.

HP's Partner Marketing program has seen phenomenal growth in the past few quarters. All thanks to our partners for their continued commitment and ongoing support. This space has huge potential and we look forward to making the most of it.
Paromita Mitra
Regional Digital Shelf Management Lead - Asia Pacific

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