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Financial services partnership management.

With advanced technology, industry-leading compliance capabilities, and renowned security, Partnerize simplifies partnership marketing and maintains brand safety for financial services, made complete with BrandVerity protection.

Drive profitable growth through credible partners for your financial services program.

Discover empowers financial services to automate and scale partnerships by serving relevant and credible partner recommendations. Alternatively, identify and vet right-fit partners with search and filter functionality in platform–and beyond.

Flexible commission options to meet specific needs of finance marketers.

Partnerize enables you to commission on any variable of your program including lead capture, application approval, funding, first use stages or multiple stages and more. Partnerize makes getting better results from financial service partnership management easier.

Set bespoke commissions for your partnership management programs.

Partnerize offers more commissioning approaches – many tailored to specific financial use cases. Align your programs to achieve your exact KPIs.

Reward partners for driving new customers to your firm
Incent your partners to find new new cardholders
Reward for cross-sell of new accounts/services
Set commission for new app downloads
Vary commissions by region or state
Compensate partners for offline sales activity
Reward partners more for high net worth customers
Reward at any stage - apply, approve, fund, use
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Partnerize is the first affiliate platform we have implemented at TSB and it has been incredibly effective in tracking the performance of our select group of partners. With support from the Customer Success Team at Partnerize we are able to identify, communicate with, track and pay publishers who align with our KPIs. We are able to monitor the entire customer journey from the first touchpoint of quote request, through to actual purchase. This provides fantastic insights around the behaviour of consumers who use aggregator partners, with details including abandonment, decision processing times and completion rates, enabling us to optimise campaigns to provide consumers with the most appealing offer, that will ultimately lead to greater conversions.
Luke Farley
Partnerships Manager

Learn how our clients drive profitable growth with Partnerize.

Leverage partnership to drive territory expansion.

Leverage the pay-for-performance nature of partnership marketing to power territory expansion efforts for your financial services business. Leverage the strong networks and credibility of top partners to drive growth. You can also leverage partnerships to enter new financial services sectors subject to the laws in your country. 

Integrate partnership customer data into BI systems.

With pre-built integrations to many of the most popular ecommerce, BI and other marketing technologies, we make it easy to integrate reports and data. When financial services partnership management data is as rich and available as data from other channels, you can prove your value and drive additional channel investment. 

Are you ready to turn your partnerships into a profit center?