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Quick Guide: Ensure Sub-Affiliate Partners are Equitably Rewarded for the Value They Provide

Apr 19, 2023

Director of Product Marketing

Maximizing the benefits of the partner channel requires marketers to curate a diverse makeup of partner types, each bringing their own unique promotional capabilities and audiences–partnership benefits that allow brands to authentically connect with right-fit consumers en masse. Included in a diverse partner makeup are sub-affiliate publishers, or networks of (traditionally) top-of-funnel partners that access tracking and promotional content from the sub-affiliate partner. Benefits of diversifying your partner makeup with sub-affiliate networks include:


  • Increased reach and exposure. Partnering with sub-affiliates allows marketers to easily expand their reach by tapping one partner to amplify the brands’ marketing message across a network of partners with internal newsletters, content portals and more. 
  • Controlled cost. Each sub-affiliate network is assigned one partner ID in Partnerize programs making it simple to set a commission structure for an individual partner that, in turn, applies to a network of partners. As a result, brands can easily set up a dynamic commissioning structure that includes cost-effective rates and incents groups of partners to drive to a brands’ unique business goals.
  • Niche expertise. Many sub-affiliate networks specialize in specific partner types or sizes such as micro or macro influencers. As a result, their support teams add a layer of expertise that is valuable to creating mutually beneficial collaborations between brands and their partner set. 


While working with sub-affiliate networks provides much value, it also presents a challenge for marketers that rely on data to guide their decisioning. Although many partners may be leveraging tracking from the sub-affiliate network to promote a brand, results from each of these partners are aggregated under a single partner ID in partner marketing platforms–a lack of transparency that creates a hurdle when it comes to identifying and optimizing individual contributors.


Partnerize makes garnering and commissioning on sub-affiliate activity easy with the ability to uncover partner-level data—insight into touchpoints that brings greater clarity to partner channel transactions. By implementing parameters on partner links, brands can gain transparency into the referral destination for transactions and automate deployment of dynamic rewards to individual sub-affiliate network partners to ensure equitable rewards.


Brands and partners, download our quick guide to learn more about:

  • Partnerize’s solution for not only surfacing partner-level engagement, but also making those touchpoints actionable
  • Key benefits for each audience realized when engagement by partner is made visible
  • Next steps for implementing tracking infrastructure that provides richer insights and enhanced commissioning capabilities

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