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[Case Study] Made of Mettle: How the King of Multipurpose Tools Taps the Partnerize Platform for Right-Fit Partner Discovery & Recruitment

Jul 12, 2023

Vice President of Customer Solutions

With a deep commitment to bring its customers the very best in multipurpose products, Leatherman has been delivering products to help solve expected–and unexpected–problems in everyday life for the past 40 years. While the brand enjoys a deeply devoted customer base, when it comes to audience reach, Leatherman understands well the allure and usefulness it could afford so many more. With sights set on reaching and engaging customers who fall outside of their usual demographic, they tapped the power of affiliate marketing. Yet Leatherman was experiencing a stagnation with their legacy affiliate provider and they weren’t being accommodated or even encouraged to lean into partnerships that could help them reach new audiences through the power of content. In fact, their provider would deflect and divert to pushing bottom-of-the-funnel partnerships, to the point where they were besieged by fly-by couponing from the same partners time and again. Leatherman knew to grow their partnerships and ultimately their audience, they needed a major change.


Looking to reach new audiences and ultimately increase their revenue, Leatherman upgraded to Partnerize from their legacy affiliate provider in favor of more sophisticated partner recruitment and payment functionality that allowed them to optimize partnerships at various stages of the purchase funnel—utilizing equitable reward structures that enable program diversification. By leveraging Discover, the platform’s recruitment and activation engine, Leatherman was able to find and recruit right-fit content partners that allowed the brand to reach new audiences. Leatherman developed mutually beneficial partnerships with content creators by ensuring that they were rewarded for the value they provide across the path to purchase through dynamic commissioning and Preferred Partner, a solution that guarantees payment to a designated partner for their contribution in the path to conversion. The winning combination of flexible partner rewards and best-match partnerships resulted in incremental revenue for Leatherman, supporting their increased revenue goals.


Discover the success story of Leatherman as they unlocked new horizons by migrating to Partnerize. Download the case study to learn how their content and content syndication partner traffic skyrocketed, while revenue contribution soared to new heights. 

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