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7 Things That Make Black Friday Affiliate Programs a Little Less Stressful for Partnerize Clients and Partners

Nov 27, 2019

Black Friday is the most anticipated event in the US retail year and is growing increasingly important in markets like the UK where retailers have sought to extend the consumer excitement. It’s a high stakes time for most partner and affiliate marketers in affected regions — full of incredible sales opportunity but also seemingly endless to-do lists.

At Partnerize, a core part of our mission is to make the key tasks of partnership and affiliate marketing easier and more effective. We offer dozens of features to these ends, and seven really rise to the top as the Holiday shopping season begins.

1. Automated Creative Updates

Partnerize offers its affiliate marketing merchants dynamic creative features that automatically update assets, coupon code details, pricing and destination URLs on partners’ sites as soon as a deal goes live. Creative assets can be updated for any time period: weeks,  days, 24-hours or even every hour, if needed. Once the sales period is over, assets can be set to automatically revert any deal back to evergreen messaging.

With this important feature set, merchants can have confidence there won’t be any expired Black Friday Week/Cyber Week promotions floating around on partner sites post-holiday. This is an important consideration for affiliate sales. Partners also appreciate this hands-free approach to asset and promotion management – no more late nights checking and updating links and creative!

2. Real-Time Reporting

What’s better than crushing your marketing revenue goals for Black Friday Week/Cyber Week? Being able to watch your traffic and conversions appear right before your eyes, in real-time!

The Partnerize Platform offers affiliate marketing merchants and partners real-time reporting. Both parties can see identical data for clicks, conversion and sales revenue as they come in. You’ll get a gold star from your boss when you deliver your sales results as they happen, without days of delay.

3. Automated Newsletter Distribution

You’ve crafted the perfect marketing newsletter – your deal promotions are highlighted, your creative looks awesome and your messages are witty and captivating. But no one wants to stay up on a holiday night, ready to send it out at just the right time!

With Partnerize’s affiliate marketing sales communication tool you can upload your HTML marketing message within the platform and schedule when it will be sent. You can also segment your sales comms if you have different messaging and deal offers for your different partner groups. All this gives you more time for turkey and less time managing executional details.

4. Automated and Dynamic Commissioning

Want to get your partners excited about promoting your Black Friday sales offers? Run a friendly competition! Partnerize’s Dynamic Commissioning tool allows merchants to set performance targets for individual partners, or groups of partners. When a sales target is met, the partner will automatically get performance bonuses or an increased commission rate.

This feature gives more aligned commissioning options to the merchant, and gets partners motivated to drive more sales and earn more revenue. Partnerize merchants also have the ability to set commission rates to go live at a particular time without partners having to accept terms in order to get their updated rate. That means happy merchants and amply rewarded partners.

5. Daily Payment Runs

What makes partners the happiest? Earning affiliate commissions and getting paid quickly. Partnerize makes daily payment runs, allowing merchants and partners to pay or get paid when they’d like. Money changes hands faster.

For those merchants working with international partners, we also give partner marketers the opportunity to receive funds in the currency of their choice — more than 60+ world currencies are available, and online payments can be delivered in any of 214 countries and territories worldwide.

6. 24-Hour Client Services Support

People want the assurance that whenever they need help to support this mega-selling season — on Turkey Day, even at 2AM — they can find it at Partnerize. Whatever their concerns, issues with conversion rates, questions about affiliate websites, questions about tools, or even changes to special offers — they want answers quickly.

Email and someone from our expert global Client Services team will be online to help you. Our team follows the sun, supporting brands and their affiliate promotions in every way imaginable. And as a BONUS, Partnerize provides additional online support and coverage over peak shopping periods, so we can respond quickly as needs arise.

7. Unlimited Metadata

The sales are over, you’re eating Thanksgiving leftovers at your desk. You want to review, not only revenue, but what was purchased during your biggest shopping event of the year. Partnerize enables merchants to link unlimited metadata parameters through the Platform in into exported reports. Meta parameters might include data on specific ads, discount schemes, characteristics of online retailers, broadscale or niche messaging, etc. This allows both merchants and partners to see relevant details of what was purchased.

There’s nothing better than knowing you’ve met both revenue goals and more specific objectives like moving priority goods or outreach to a new target audience. Knowledge is power and data is king.

Final Thought

In this critically important sales season, Partnerize wishes its clients all the best for a hot-selling season and thanks you for your business. And to our partners, be they traditional affiliate types like cashback and coupon sites, or review, social media, blog, search engine solution providers, or content marketing partners, we offer our very best wishes for outstanding results this Holiday season.

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