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This Month & Every Month: Empowering Women in Their Roles and Beyond

Mar 07, 2024

Social Media Associate

According to McKinsey, the landscape of the U.S. workforce is shifting, with women comprising almost half of all employees as of February 2023. Despite this progress, significant disparities persist, painting a picture of ongoing gender bias and barriers to advancement. Demonstratively, women continue to face workplace bias, earning just 83 percent of men’s wages on average. Moreover, they encounter hurdles in career progression, with fewer opportunities for entry-level and managerial roles compared to their male counterparts. 


On the higher end of the organizational hierarchy, roughly one-third of women occupy Vice President roles but when it comes to women occupying the most senior management positions including the coveted C-Suite, the representation of women–especially women of color–only further degrades. However, progress here is tireless and persistent with women today achieving higher levels of education while increasingly breaking into leadership roles, advocating for diversity, equity, and inclusion within their organizations. As we honor Women’s History Month, it’s crucial to delve into the strides made toward gender equality and what lies in the ongoing journey ahead. As a global leader in partnership automation and a fierce ally to women’s equality and advancement, Partnerize deeply resonates with this commitment to inclusivity and empowerment, as articulated by Kate Ellis, Marketing Director for APAC,  and Vanja Wilson, Vice President of Sales APAC, and myself, Shaniece Whale, as Social Media Marketing Manager.


“At Partnerize, we are surrounded by talented women, both within our team and beyond. I feel privileged to collaborate with individuals who consistently go the extra mile to support their colleagues,” expresses Kate Ellis. “It’s even more significant this month as we have several female leaders in the APAC region and the presence continues to strengthen future opportunities for women coming up or into the workforce.” –Kate Ellis, Marketing Director APAC

Kate’s dedication to supporting young women in business stems from her desire for her daughter to perceive limitless possibilities, free from gender stereotypes. “As a parent I also want my daughter to see the opportunities ahead and not be inhibited by her gender so supporting young women in business is always a priority. Partnerize is genuinely a people-first company, and I am grateful for the opportunities it has provided to me in my career.”


Recognizing the pressing need to normalize setting healthy boundaries in the workplace, Vanja Wilson emphasizes the immense pressure faced by modern women in balancing professional and parental responsibilities. “As a mother myself, I am acutely aware of the challenges women encounter. It’s time to normalize the setting of healthy boundaries in the workplace. Despite strides, the expectation for women to seamlessly juggle professional and parental roles remains a stark reality. With Partnerize, I am grateful to be part of an inclusive, flexible workplace that celebrates our differences and prioritizes equality. I aim to inspire inclusion for my daughters, demonstrating that their gender and background can propel and enrich their professional journey, rather than hinder it.” –Vanja Wilson, Vice President of Sales APAC


For my part, working alongside women in the partnership space has been nothing short of transformative. Their guidance and support have been invaluable as I navigate the complexities of this dynamic industry. Each interaction has enriched my understanding and empowered me to overcome challenges with resilience and determination. Together, we’re breaking barriers and reshaping the narrative, proving that diversity and inclusion are not just buzzwords but essential components of success. I am deeply grateful for the opportunity to learn and grow alongside such remarkable women, and I am committed to paying it forward by uplifting and empowering others in their journey.


The reflections of Kate, Vanja, and myself, offer profound insights into the challenges and opportunities surrounding gender equality and inclusion in the workplace. Our experiences underscore the multifaceted nature of women’s roles, balancing career aspirations with familial responsibilities. Partnerize’s commitment to fostering an inclusive environment where women are supported and empowered is evident through our narratives.


During Women’s History Month, Partnerize stands as a beacon of progress and inclusivity in the corporate landscape. Our current employee distribution is represented as 43% female and 57% male. However, we have seen an encouraging trend in Vice President and above roles, whereby the distribution shifts to a 47% female-53% male distribution–a noticeably more equal split than in the year prior and perhaps more emblematic of the brand, higher than McKinsey reports. 


Through the leadership and advocacy of individuals like Kate, Vanja, and myself, Partnerize continues to champion diversity and equality, paving the way for a more equitable future. Their stories serve as reminders of the transformative power of inclusion, encouraging us all to strive for a world where every individual, regardless of gender or background, can thrive.


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