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[eBook] The Importance of Diversifying Your Partnership Strategies

Jun 18, 2024

Marketing Manager

Consider this: If 50% or more of your total business revenue comes from just two or three partners, then total dependence on them to power your partnerships or generate affiliate success might create unnecessary risk for your marketing program. You may be missing out on opportunities for growth and innovation. Take a look at the typical partner mix of a traditional affiliate program:




Traditional affiliate programs often rely heavily on a handful of partners for the majority of their revenue. While these partners all play an essential role, relying on them too much can restrict your program’s adaptability and scalability. Think about scenarios like changes to your promotional strategy that impact discount-oriented partners, competitive commission rates from like-brands or shifts in the status of your partner relationship, just to name a few. To be an effective marketer, you must be present where your customer is—regardless of your promotional strategy—whether that means it’s the first time they’re seeing your message or they’re ready to make the final purchase.


If your existing program reflects this mix, then it’s a time for you to explore a more diversified approach that embraces a wider range of partners and strategies to drive success in today’s dynamic digital landscape. Ensuring you have a rich, diversified mix of publisher partners gives your brand broad audience reach and relieves over-dependence on just a few partners, which ultimately minimizes unnecessary risk for your program.


So, what does a diversified mix of partners look like? Learn more by downloading our eBook right here.

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