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Revolutionizing Beauty: Inside SKINSKOOL’s Journey with Monieka Bos

Mar 11, 2024

Social Media Associate

As part of our Women of Partnership interview series, we sat down with Monieka Bos, co-founder of SKINSKOOL for an exclusive Q&A to discuss the story behind SKINSKOOL’s journey to revolutionize the beauty industry, innovation, and the power of partnerships.


Learn how SKINSKOOL leverages Partnerize to amplify their reach and success, and dive into Monieka’s perspectives on shaping e-commerce’s future and empowering women in business.


Background and Inspiration: 

Q: Can you share a bit about your journey and what inspired you to start SKINSKOOL?

A: Absolutely! Terry Chan and I, both corporate and litigation lawyers, crossed paths in London while working for a global New York law firm. Our immersion in the beauty industry began with a venture into our own beauty products company in London. Through this experience, from manufacturing to distribution, we identified a significant gap in the market—Comparable Beauty. It struck us that while there were resources to compare various products like cameras, cars, and even grocery products, the beauty industry lacked such a platform despite its vastness and myriad of options. This realization led us to develop an algorithm aimed at swiftly comparing ingredient lists with just one click. Collaborating with our cosmetic chemist and tech team, we created SKINSKOOL to provide context to beauty purchases. Our goal is to enhance the consumer experience beyond marketing claims, providing valuable context and making the process of choosing products inherently more fulfilling.


Partnerize Platform: 

Q: How has the Partnerize platform contributed to SKINSKOOL’s growth and success? 

A: Partnerize has been a great platform for SKINSKOOL. It always comes down to the people. We have felt so supported by Partnerize from day one. Partnerize really understood what we were doing at SKINSKOOL and have been instrumental at brainstorming ways to amplify our reach and connect us with the brands and influencers that would benefit most from working with us.  


Q: Can you share any specific experiences or success stories from utilizing Partnerize for your brand?

A: Certainly! Charlie Calabrese, a former VP, exemplified Partnerize’s commitment by not only offering assistance but immersing himself in understanding our business needs. His proactive approach and genuine support facilitated meaningful connections within the industry. Additionally, we look forward to actioning Erin Kristyniak’s innovative strategies for influencer collaborations. Partnerize’s team, including Sydney Bryan, consistently ensures we engage with the right stakeholders, fostering mutually beneficial relationships.


Empowering Women in Business: 

Q: As a female leader in the business world, what advice do you have for aspiring female entrepreneurs?

A: First, truly understand what makes your offering different. Understand that a big part of your product, is simply communicating exactly what it is. This is harder than it sounds. Be clear, concise and speak in the language and tone of your customer (whether that be B2C or B2B). Once you have that language, be bold and courageous. The amazing part of being an entrepreneur is that you are only limited by your imagination. You decide what’s possible. We have learned over time to “play by the rules” because of subtle conditioning our entire lives. As lawyers, we find ourselves being doubly conservative; this is something we needed to train out of us. Be bold – and then take action. Know when it’s time to pause and think and strategize and know when it’s time to jump.  


Q: How do you see women shaping the future of e-commerce and affiliate marketing?

A: Women wield significant influence in e-commerce and affiliate marketing, driving innovation and reshaping industry paradigms. As the digital landscape evolves, brands must adapt, leveraging collaborative approaches between affiliate and marketing departments to cater to evolving consumer behaviors. Embracing creativity and inclusivity will define the future landscape, empowering women to lead transformative changes!


Innovation in the Beauty Industry: 

Q: What trends do you foresee in the beauty industry, and how is SKINSKOOL staying innovative?

A: The beauty industry is witnessing a shift towards hyper-personalized experiences, fueled by technological advancements. SKINSKOOL reflects this trend by offering individualized product discovery through our platform’s innovative features. Our internal team brainstorming sessions prioritize user-centric solutions, aiming to streamline the beauty buying experience. Leveraging technology, we remain committed to empowering consumers with informed choices, ensuring a seamless and fulfilling shopping journey.


Q: How has technology and platforms like Partnerize played a role in SKINSKOOL’s approach to marketing?

A: Partnerize enables us to forge meaningful partnerships, driving brand visibility and foster a community centered on informed beauty choices. SKINSKOOL, organically cultivating a curated user base, aligns with brands’ aspirations to reach the right audience effectively.



Check out SKINSKOOL’s on-demand Partner Perspective webinar to explore how the platform benefits brands through consumer insights on research, discovery, and purchase trends.

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