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Partner Perspective: Collective Voice: Adding Influencer to Your Affiliate Strategy

May 23, 2024

Marketing Director, AMR

Partnerize works with some of the industry’s most successful and influential publisher partners. Our Partner Perspective series sets out to learn from the best of the best and pick up a few secrets to their success along the way.


In this installment, we sat down with Collective Voice‘s Senior Affiliate Partner Manager, Max Teplitzky, and here’s what he had to say.


Partnerize (PZ): Share a little about your company.

Max Teplitzky (MT): Collective Voice is a Creator Marketing agency that does it all, from affiliate strategies to brand partnerships. We help brands create, launch, manage, and scale their Creator Marketing programs. With 15+ years of expertise, we have the experience and knowledge necessary to deliver customized and fully-managed Creator campaigns, IRL Creator experiences, and e-commerce strategies that consistently surpass industry benchmarks.


PZ: Please describe a typical day in your office.

MT: Collective Voice is rooted in collaboration. Our team of experts across Sales & Marketing, Campaign Operations, Creator Partnerships, Product & Engineering and more, partner to ensure that our platform provides the best experience for both Creators and our brand partners. Each day, these teams collaborate to continually elevate the experience through internal process mapping, Creator check-ins, strategy discussions with our brand partners, and more. Plus, we always make time for team lunches, activities and learning opportunities.


PZ: What types of programs is your team looking to partner with?

MT: While our roots lie in verticals like fashion, beauty and wellness, our shift from ShopStyle Collective to Collective Voice has allowed us to grow our retailer set in so many new and exciting ways. Our creator base is reflecting this as well. While we welcome any vertical, we have recently seen a ton of success in the Home, Travel, Food & Beverage and Technology/Electronics categories.


PZ: Can you share a success highlight from your partnership with Partnerize that really stands out to you?

MT: Many of our top partners are on Partnerize, including retailers like OutNet, FarFetch, Cettire, and SSENSE. Alongside these brands and the tools available to them in Partnerize, we’ve made great strides in growing their Creator Marketing efforts through their affiliate programs. We have used our key learnings from these partnerships to optimize our strategies to ensure they are each getting the most out of their relationship with Collective Voice, with strategies customized to their needs.


PZ: What Partnerize technology innovation has had the greatest impact on your team?

MT: Whenever I need to pull metrics directly from a network, Partnerize has always offered me the most in-depth and user friendly ways to narrow down and utilize data. SKU and Voucher Code analytics have made a huge impact, as we are trying to develop even more insights available to our Creator base to enhance their understanding of what is (and isn’t) working when it comes to promoting certain retailers and products.


PZ: What sets your company apart from others or makes it unique?

MT: Collective Voice is at the intersection of branding and performance, crafting campaigns that meet customers at every stage of their journey – that’s the Collective Touch! Our campaign strategy focuses on how awareness can drive performance and how performance, in turn, can drive awareness for your brand. This holistic approach aims to hit multiple KPIs to drive ultimate success.


PZ: What do you attribute your company’s success to with Partnerize?

MT: We love how easy to use Partnerize is, which allows our team to quickly and accurately communicate any network related issues or updates to our creator base. Partnerize also offers us exceptional partner support contacts that make working with you always a smooth process. We always love to see a new Partnerize partner integrated!


PZ: What is one thing people should know about your company?

MT: Diversity is paramount for Collective Voice. We are dedicated to giving marginalized communities a place to tell their stories. Our commitment to diversity and inclusion is an integral business-wide effort, and we strive for 30%+ diversity across all of our executed campaigns.


PZ: What’s on the roadmap for your company?

MT: Creators have become a standalone media channel, and we believe in the power of their influence. We strive to take Creator content beyond social media feeds and find innovative ways to amplify our brand partners’ message. Through strategic partnerships, we’ve launched podcast marketing capabilities Ride with Collective Voice, our new and exciting DOOH offering, and continue to innovate our proprietary products like TapTo.Shop, our link-in-bio content hub. Our holistic campaigns provide unique access to target audiences across platforms and channels for maximum exposure and visibility.


PZ: Three words that best describe your company…go!
MT: Strategy (We’re all about smart strategy that moves the needle for our partners)
Education (We provide the tools and resources to help creators and brand partners make the most of Creator Marketing)
Innovation (We are at the forefront of the Creator Marketing industry and are dedicated to drive the next generation of the Creator Economy from affiliate monetization to social commerce)


To learn more about Collective Voice, watch their on-demand Partner Perspective webinar right here

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