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Partner How-To: Negotiating Holiday Collaborations with Your Favorite Brands

Oct 29, 2021

Director of Product Marketing

The 2021 holiday shopping season is projected to drive an incremental 9% in US retail sales year over year to reach $1.12 trillion—the strongest growth rate since 1999. This surge in holiday spend will spread across both brick and mortar and ecommerce driven by consumers’ increase in discretionary income amidst ongoing supply chain issues. Publishers can easily take advantage of this revenue opportunity by maximizing the value of their in-person and digital promotional capabilities in the partner channel—and it’s easier than you think.


Partnerize makes finding and joining the right programs simple with integrated functionality for discovering, communicating with and receiving payment from your favorite brands. However, maximizing the benefits of partnership functionality also requires negotiation skills to ensure you stand out from other partners during Q4. 


When coordinating collaborations with brands, consider these tactics to ensure you are making the most of the holiday shopping season rush:


  1. Share your media kit. Provide brands with an overview of prospective placements or collaborations you can support that display visuals of your promotional capabilities. Include relevant information such as screenshots of features, price ranges, audience or subscriber size, engagement rates and more—a tangible tool that is helpful to kick off the conversation. 
  2. Align your recommendations with brands’ content calendars. Brands’ content calendars are likely loaded with aggressive sales, promotional extensions, peak shopping holiday coupons, free shipping offers, free gifts and more. When suggesting collaboration opportunities or featured placements, ensure that your recommendations line up with their most enticing promotions. 
  3. Deliver data-driven placement suggestions. Provide brands with details that prove you can drive success for their unique campaigns. For example, share specific placement recommendations that previously proved successful for similar brands. You can gain access to this type of historic data in the Partnerize platform’s integrated reporting suite.
  4. Build placement packages. Brands seeking featured opportunities may want to secure several placements to create a series of touchpoints with your audience rather than a single feature. Include a variety of placement types—think social posts, newsletter inclusion, homepage or category features—into a placement package and negotiate the rate for a bulk purchase.
  5. Incorporate dynamic commissioning structures. Partnerize enables marketers to reward partners dynamically for conversion attributes beyond last click. Talk to your brands about implementing commission structures that offer increased payouts for specific products, larger basket sizes, revenue thresholds, new customer acquisition and more. This payment model allows you to increase your earnings while enabling brands to maintain control of their marketing dollars during the influx of holiday transactions.


Begin coordinating your holiday placement plans by connecting with your brands via the contact information they’ve provided in their Partnerize profile. If you’re not yet joined to Partnerize and are interested in getting started in time for the holiday shopping season, sign up here.

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