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Meet Our Reimagined Content Management Suite and Other Exciting New Features!

Oct 16, 2019

We’re pleased to announce several major product enhancements to help brands and their partners streamline and automate their performance partnerships. These new product features leverage user-centered-design and guided workflows, while broadening the range of growth options available to brands and partners.

The following updates will benefit both brands and partners:

New Content Management and Communications Suite

Partnerize recognizes that as partner programs grow in size and complexity, brands need advanced tools to help them promote their products and communicate with their partner base. This new suite of capabilities helps brands create and manage the content that is used on partner sites with a flexible and powerful user interface. This integrated communications tool empowers Partnerize brands to better manage and communicate with partners using targeted emails. These new features will reduce the time brands and partners spend on manual tasks and ensure both parties are aligned with the goals of each partnership so they can maximize growth.

Simplified Workflows for Partners

With over 350,000 companies and influencers using the Partnerize platform — and 250 net new companies joining daily — campaign workflow and ease of use has become of paramount importance to ensure the right partners are working with the right brands. Building on the recent Intelligent Partner Discovery release, partners now have an all-new and streamlined workflow to manage the brands and campaigns they are working with. With this new workflow, Partners now have easy access to the relevant details of their campaigns, can quickly see all active commissions rates, and have the ability to forge new partnerships by requesting to join any campaigns for which they are eligible. 

Enhanced Partner Commissioning

Partnerize already has the industry-leading commissioning engine, with the power to support the most complex commission strategies that enterprises demand. As part of a broader strategy to simplify the user experience and provide additional time savings, the commission creation workflow has been rebuilt using an all-new user interface. The improved UI provides quicker, easier, and more flexible commission assignments down to an individual partner level, giving brands greater flexibility to optimize their programs. 

“As we look to scale our partner marketing channel, Partnerize offers us the perfect infrastructure to manage our program, and with these new state-of-the-art product enhancements, it’s only getting better,” said Tony May, Digital Partnerships Manager at leading UK retail and commercial bank TSB. “The content management and communications suite are going to save us significant amounts of time, and improve our partner relationships. The ability to set more flexible commission rates will also be valuable to our business.” 

“These latest enhancements represent another step forward in our strategy to help brands and partners become self-serve when using our platform to automate their programs and drive incremental revenue growth ,” said Matt Simmonds, Partnerize Chief Product Officer. “Adding more muscle to our creative and communications tools helps with efficiency, better program management, and builds stronger relationships between brands and their partners. The latest improvements to our user experience and campaign workflow make our platform even easier to use.  We have more exciting announcements coming soon, so stay tuned.” 

The transformed Partnerize product has also been named Best Technology for the second year in a row at the International Performance Marketing Awards.



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