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How iProspect & adidas Drove Massive Affiliate Channel Growth

Sep 15, 2016


Client Success Story

As a global agency, iProspect has a highly-scalable offering with one of the largest agency affiliate marketing teams. They have the expertise, global footprint, and relationships to grow channels and incorporate new markets while benefiting from local insights. For these reasons, bringing their affiliate program in-house made sense for both them and their clients – including global sportswear brand adidas.

The Challenge:

The main challenge iProspect faced was running the affiliate program for adidas in four markets. Each market had its own account manager with little to no correspondence, no centralized reporting, budgeting or forecasting – and, most importantly, no shared insights. Affiliate accounted for only 6% of adidas’s digital spend, so there was ample room for growth.

iProspect wanted to become further embedded with adidas and truly understand their internal challenges and margins within their affiliate channels. iProspect looked at different solutions that would allow them to migrate their program entirelty in-house on a self-serve platform and acheive the objectives of centralization, consolidation and changing their network model. 

Working with Performance Horizon, adidas became one of iProspect’s fastest growing client. Together, iProspect and adidas:

  • Drove 149% YOY revenue growth in one year

  • Decreased cost of sale 35% in one year

  • Expanded from four European markets to 18

  • Were shortlisted for five industry awards

“What Performance Horizon enables as far as centralization and consolidation allows us to better liaise with and understand the internal challenges of adidas. Performance Horizon allows us to quickly spot trends, shift budgets and match up revenue growth to margins for adidas in their key markets. The efficiencies created by managing everything on one platform and sharing data across marketing partners is powering incremental and sustained growth for all parties.”

– Rob Kabrovski, Account Director, iProspect

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