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[eBook] Building Long-Term Influencer Partnerships for Lasting Growth

Feb 22, 2024

JAPAC Marketing Director

The rise of influencer marketing in Australia is no surprise when looking at consumers’ online footprints. The Digital 2023 in Australia report by We Are Social shows that Aussies are incredibly digitally connected. 96.2% of the population are internet users, and 81% are active social media users. In the IAB Australian Ecommerce Report 2023, 52% of 18-39s say social media is now an important part of how they find and go on to buy products compared to 25% of respondents aged 40+. Additionally, 41% of 18-39s agree that influencers on social media are a useful source for discovering new products compared to 27% of respondents aged 40+.


These eye-opening results strongly indicate that how we shop is changing. There is a clear generational change in social-media-led purchase behaviours. As a result, marketing strategies such as influencer marketing are becoming ever more critical to growing sales and supporting marketing goals.


Influencers can be identified by their size of followers across each of the social media platforms this includes:
1 – Nano influencers with 1-10k followers

2 – Micro influencers with 10-100k followers

3 – Macro influencers with 100k-1 million followers

4 – Mega influencers – 1 million followers  


But size isn’t all that matters. Some influencers look to keep their followers high where others retain a niche lower level to reach a bespoke audience. Each strategy appeals to different brands depending on their product and target audience.


Check out the recent eBook on influencer marketing in partnership with Power Retail and find out more including how to:

  • Choose the right influencers for your brand
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  • How to calculate your influencer marketing budget 


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