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An Embattled Social Giant is Causing Chaos: We Have the Solution

Nov 19, 2021

In fairness, perhaps Facebook’s original intentions to keep family and friends connected in the digital age were pure. And in fairness, you would be hard pressed to find many people who, as we stand in 2021, that don’t have an active—or inactive—Facebook page. The point is that clout, influence and a healthy dose of the deity complex couldn’t protect the social giant from not only public scrutiny, but from the heavier, consequential scrutiny of Washington lawmakers hellbent on mitigating Facebook’s pervasive hold over social media. When you spend a good chunk of your time in depositions or on media blitz tours to counter data scientists claims, it’s hard to maintain the same level of business operation you did in your heyday.


Yet, here we are. With no intention to further fan the flames that seemed to so eagerly ignite themselves, recent times have been especially harrowing for Facebook. Key whistleblowers all but shattered the delicate facade Facebook has been working overtime to maintain. And this hasn’t been lost on marketers—specifically, performance marketers.


And if all this seems like enough for marketers to want to call it quits on their very long, very expensive love affair with Facebook, they will still inevitably turn to them as a critical vehicle to maintain omnipresence, or a constant top-of-mind position where their audience is. In other words, as long as their audience remains glued to their screen time inside the app, what choice do they have?


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