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Amid Consumer Behavior Shifts, Partnerize Clients Show Significantly Stronger Performance Than Industry Experts Predicted for this Cyber Holiday Shopping Period

Dec 01, 2023

Data Analyst

In the realm of retail, success isn’t just about meeting projections; it’s more about surpassing them and forging new paths of achievement. And if Cyber 5 can be an indication of success, Partnerize’s global client base–retail clients included–are certainly winning. 


While eMarketer expected a 6.1% YoY increase during Black Friday sales, Adobe Analytics reported a 7.5% YoY increase, Mastercard reported an 8.5% sales increase, and Salesforce reported a 9% YoY sales increase, Partnerize retail clients shattered expectations showcasing a remarkable 15% YoY increase in sales revenue on historically, one of the biggest shopping day of the year. This achievement, in stark contrast between the industry projected and realized growth rates, underscores the exceptional performance exhibited by Partnerize clients.










This surge in revenue not only validates the efficacy of the performance based channel but also the effectiveness of the Partnerize platform enabling customer optimization strategies and partner collaborations. In alignment with a changing consumer behavior observed post-pandemic, consumers are savvier than ever and looking to save money this holiday season. Coupling this with holiday shopping promotions beginning as early as the start of October, and consumers responding by purchasing earlier and earlier each year, a milestone akin to a 14% increase in Partnerize client revenue growth Nov 1-27th–nearly double than what Adobe Analytics reported, leaves much to celebrate if you’re a retail client on the Partnerize platform.








It further underscores a paradigm shift in the way retailers are attempting to capitalize on consumer sales earlier than ever, shifting spend across the peak holiday period, and harnessing partnerships to amplify their audience reach and revenue streams and attain new success in an increasingly competitive market landscape.


Partnerize clients, using the platform’s robust suite of tools have forged dynamic partnerships and collaborations that have not only amplified brand visibility but have also cultivated meaningful connections with consumers evident in this better-than-expected revenue surge.


To better illustrate how these strategic partnerships are turning out notable revenue outcomes, and to underscore the shift in consumer behavior emphasizing best value, buy now pay later (BNPL) partners on the Partnerize platform have seen incredible YoY revenue increases. From November 1st-November 27th, this partner category has seen an astonishing 138% increase in growth rate with an 84% YoY increase during Black Friday alone. With revenue growth rates significantly outpacing publisher commission growth rates, it’s easy to see the allure. The BNPL growth, according to Klarna CEO, Sebastian Siemiatkowski, is likely due to consumer choice and availability of the offering at checkout. “It just shows how much market share both buy-now-pay-later and Klarna is gaining in the market,” Siemiatkowski said. I think it’s both share of checkout, it’s more merchants offering it and more consumers choosing it in general.” 










Finally, when it comes to performance by region, given that the Thanksgiving holiday is neither widely recognized nor celebrated in EMEA and APAC coupled with universally earlier shopping cycles, performance during this time is flat YoY. However, in the North America (AMR) region we saw retail client performance that outpaced global performance with a 22% YoY sales increase on Black Friday.









In a whirlwind of evolving consumer behaviors, Partnerize clients have defied industry forecasts and reports during this Cyber Holiday Shopping period. And as consumer habits continue to morph, Partnerize clients have shown remarkable resilience and adaptability, surpassing projections by a significant margin. 


This performance speaks volumes about the transformative impact the partnership channel has, and the role the Partnerize platform plays in redefining success in the retail landscape amid dynamic consumer trends while setting a new industry standard for exceptional performance during the Cyber Holiday Shopping season.


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