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Affiliate Best Practice: 6 Pro Tips for Serving Up Creative Content that Drives Profitable Growth

Aug 08, 2023

Director of Product Marketing

In the affiliate and partnerships channel, partners rely on a variety of relevant creative content (think: coupons, textlinks and banner imagery) in their brand partner programs–content that enables them to provide their audience with the most up-to-date promotions and messaging. However, this creative is not always pulled manually, but rather accessed through automated feeds that contain the products and creative available from brands they work with. Because delivering relevant, accurate creative is a brands’ accountability to serve partners of all types across all verticals, ensure that you are serving up content that fuels partner campaigns with these pro tips: 


  1. Remove outdated creative. Deactivate expired links, images and banners that are still live for your partners. For example: “Check Out Our Spring Collection”, “Don’t Miss Our Labor Day Sale” and other seasonal or inactive sales messaging. Cleaning up your account ensures that your most relevant offers rise to the top for partners to easily access. As a note, tracking persists when link creative expires or is deleted. However, deleting image creatives may break the image on the partner site.
  2. When it comes to creative, less is more. Keep creative naming conventions short and sweet so that they are easily matched to partner feed requirements. Further, don’t go overboard with the number of creatives for specific promotions or messages–a single creative of each type is sufficient!
  3. Confirm that your product feed is error-free. A thorough product feed enables your partners to easily access product-specific content for their posts. Ensure that your product feed isn’t producing any errors within the platform, and resolve any issues as soon as possible to keep the most up-to-date inventory data available to your key partners.
  4. Include start and end dates. When setting up creative in campaigns, include start and end dates for each promotional message or offer. By setting start and end dates, feeds automate the promotion and removal of creative content based on the brands’ desired dates for maximum relevance. Further, this practice enhances the user experience to ensure that consumers are not exposed to expired coupons or outdated messaging.
  5. Include a range of creative messaging. Creative content isn’t limited to sales! Call out seasonal releases or new collections for messaging purposes, but also be sure to include promotional messaging when available. If you are a brand that shies away from discounts and promotions, generate a creative link that drives to your sale section to target savvier consumers.
  6. Measure success with creative reporting. Evaluate results of each creative to see what your audience responds to most positively. Leverage this insight to influence go-forward creative messaging as well as availability of your partners’ favorite creative types.


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