Streamline all aspects of partner management

Choose a better and more efficient approach to partnership management. Streamline workflows, commission to specific KPIs like acquisition or higher AOV, and communicate more easily with partners. Spend less time on manual work so you can devise compelling customer experiences that will attract and convert ideal customers.

Invite partners to campaigns quickly and easily

Simplify this critical part of partnership management. Ask great new partners and affiliates to join programs in a few easy steps. Prospective partners receive your invitation immediately and apply to join from the platform. Then the Partnerize Platform makes it easy for your team to review and approve or reject applications quickly.

Flexible commissioning options you can align to KPIs

Create more powerful reward programs for partners with the industry’s best partnership management commission builder. Compensate on straight revenue growth or pay partners based on your specific goals, including customer acquisition, lapsed user reactivation, average order value (AOV), and lifetime value (LTV). Split commissions to reward upstream partners. Set commissions for specific regions, or dynamically reward partners based on metrics like specific brands or gross margin.

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Partnerize is the first affiliate platform we have implemented at TSB and it has been incredibly effective in tracking the performance of our select group of partners. With support from the Customer Success Team at Partnerize we are able to identify, communicate with, track and pay publishers who align with our KPIs. We are able to monitor the entire customer journey from the first touchpoint of quote request, through to actual purchase. This provides fantastic insights around the behaviour of consumers who use aggregator partners, with details including abandonment, decision processing times and completion rates, enabling us to optimise campaigns to provide consumers with the most appealing offer, that will ultimately lead to greater conversions.

Luke Farley, Partnerships Manager

New and more powerful creative management suite

Simplify ad trafficking and compliance challenges. No more emailing creative and tags. Upload and update creatives and offers instantly, right in the platform.

Powerful partner communications suite

Stay connected with partners more easily using built-in CRM tools. Ensure your partners are aligned with your goals so that every campaign is a win-win.

Triggered messaging

Set triggers and automatically deliver messages to address new opportunities. For example, send alerts to partners that have not driven conversions in seven days.

Short tracking links

Enable partners to make branded short links for integration into content. Short links are particularly valuable for influencer and content partners that integrate messages into posts.

Quicklink extension helps content partners promote individual items

Enable influencers and content partners to make deep link tags for specific items in your store. Without logging into the platform. The Quicklink extension can be used to create a bespoke, trackable link to any item in your assortment.

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See how the Partnerize Partner Management Platform can help you scale your partnership programs, diversify revenue streams, and ensure outstanding brand protection.