Partnerize elevates partnership to a higher level, automating and optimizing every aspect of partnership management for profitable growth, maximum efficiency, and outstanding brand protection.

Partnerize automates and optimizes every aspect of your partnership programs for best results. Make partnership management easier for your team while driving better performance. Partnerize automates key tasks like partner discovery, management, tracking, optimization, brand protection, and payments. Make data-driven decisions with fresh insights from proprietary machine learning and AI.


Recruit scalable new partners and easily invite them to campaigns

Find great new partners that will drive real growth at scale. Search our partnership management ecosystem of hundreds of thousands of integrations. Leverage our AI-powered Partner Discovery tool that individually analyzes all active partners and recommends those that can drive great scale for your campaigns. Then invite your choices with just a few clicks.


More commission options, simple workflows and partner CRM tools

Use Partnerize to simplify setting partnership management commission terms, gain legal signatures, promote programs, deliver creative and offers, and launch your campaigns. Commission to specific KPIs like acquisition, reactivation, AOV, and LTV. Manage and communicate to partners in the platform instead of through emails and phone calls.


Understand every customer action on PC and mobile devices

Track every buyer action from first-click through to conversion. No limits to the data you collect with each action — pair events with purchase characteristics, brands, offers used, and more. Track actions and conversions on PC, tablet, mobile web, and mobile apps.


Access real-time data and get unique, AI-powered optimization alerts to drive more growth

Analyze partner performance in real-time instead of waiting days for data. Go deep in your analysis using our state-of-the-art reporting suite and maximum data transparency. Leverage powerful tools to precisely refine partner and affiliate programs to drive best results and maximum diversification.


Safeguard your business from fraud and ensure brand protection

Detect and prevent the rising threat of partnership fraud with the Partnerize Fraud Manager. Get industry-leading BrandVerity Search Monitoring and Web Compliance to protect your brand and customers. Receive timely alerts when sudden changes in your data require immediate attention.


Verify transactions and leverage Partnerize to pay all your partners 

Save your finance team from the costs and complexity of making partner payments manually. With Partnerize, you pay a single invoice and Partnerize handles the rest – transferring funds to an unlimited number of partners in their choice of 60 currencies.

Mark Teimens from Catawiki
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As an API first SaaS provider, Partnerize has given us the tools to operate performance campaigns that run effectively and efficiently, delivering conversion data in a timely manner with an excellent level of detail. This is beyond what we have witnessed from other technologies and combined with support from their customer success, results in a winning combination for our partner management requirements.

Mark Teimens, Partnerships Manager

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See how the Partnerize Partner Management Platform can help you scale your partnership programs, diversify revenue streams, and ensure outstanding brand protection.

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