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Three New Awards For Partnerize

Aug 26, 2019

CMO, RevLifter

Over the past ten days, Partnerize has had three big reasons to celebrate. Our platform and team have been honored with three different awards! Here’s a quick rundown.
Affiliate Summit put on an excellent event last week in New York, the culmination of which was the widely anticipated Pinnacle Awards.
The Pinnacle Awards are among the most anticipated affiliate marketing awards. Partnerize was honored to receive the Best Affiliate Marketing Innovation award for the many new data-driven features, enhancements, and other innovations to our AI-Powered Partner Automation Platform. Over the past year, we have:
Thank you to the judges and the team at Affiliate Summit for this Affiliate Marketing Innovation Award and recognition. And congratulations to all of our fellow award winners.
BusinessCloud is a premiere integrated digital and print publication focused on the dynamic British commercial market.
The publication focuses a lot of attention and content on covering ALL regions of the UK, including those beyond the London megalopolis. They have just launched the North East Tech 50, a ranking of leading tech companies in the region, and Partnerize ranked first.
The ranking in these lists is defined by both a panel of judges and the “people’s choice” opinions of readers.
North East Tech 50 winner Partnerize has been hailed as a tech business with substance which is changing the face of commerce. Partnerize is a partnership automation company that helps leading global brands track, report, and pay partners who help them drive revenue and business leads. Founded as Performance Horizon in Newcastle in 2010, Partnerize moved aggressively into the United States market three years ago and processes more than $6 billion in partner sales annually.
A panel of independent judges and the general public voted Partnerize the No.1 tech company in its region in our North East Tech 50 ranking for 2019. Co-founder and CEO Mal Cowley told BusinessCloud: “We’re thrilled to receive this honour. The North East is a great place to work and has been a fantastic location for recruiting people with technical expertise. We are very proud to have built this truly global business with Newcastle at its heart.”
Thanks to the editors at BusinessCloud for this recognition!
Digiday is one of the world’s leading marketing industry trade journals, focused on providing excellent information and insights to both marketers and agency professionals. Their Tech Awards highlight the best and brightest in a variety of areas, from real-time bidding and targeted ads to marketing campaign stories.
This is the first year that the Digiday Tech Awards have included an affiliate award and we are very pleased to be the inaugural winner. Probably best known for their many campaign awards, Digiday and its awards have expanded well beyond recognizing marketing campaigns, and the Tech Awards are a great reflection of that broadening. We view the creation of this new award as another sign that affiliate marketers are playing an increasingly important role in the total marketing mix.
The Digiday Technology Awards recognize the technology modernizing media and marketing. The program honors a range of technologies including the best CRMs, monetization, and automation platforms.
Traditionally, partner marketing measurement followed a delayed reporting model. Marketers got reports for the current period during the next period. Sometimes this happened weekly. Sometimes, brands got by on monthly affiliate network reporting.
That sufficed when brands were primarily interested in a set-it-and-forget approach. But as marketers manage partnerships more aggressively, they need real-time access to trends and results so they can identify, analyze and optimize on the fly. The Partnerize Partner Automation Platform is at the forefront of the movement toward empowering software over outsourced service providers.
Thanks to the judges and Digiday and congratulations to those who were shortlisted or won Digiday Tech Awards.
In the awards announcement, the judges had this to say about our solution:
Committed to fraud detection, business growth and client loyalty, Partnerize has proved to be the best-in-breed, driving customer loyalty of greater than 98% thanks to what the judges hailed as “one of the best technologies we’ve ever seen.” Following its rebrand, Partnerize transformed the platform to ensure that clients can capitalize on all of the key business opportunities, leveraging incredible initiatives, particularly in payment and artificial intelligence. It’s the first piece of technology in the performance marketing industry to use AI predictions, and its suite of fraud detection tools, AI-powered forecasting and early warning systems that improve revenue stability prove the technology is fundamental.
Awards like this provide recognition for our product and its advances. But for Partnerize, the most important “award” of all is the continued trust we enjoy from our clients. Thank you. 

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