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The Partnerize Partner Management Platform (PMP) is an API-first solution that’s purpose-built to seamlessly integrate with the rest of your tech stack. Partnerize makes it even easier by pre-building deep integrations with Marketing’s most popular platforms and solutions. 


The Partnerize Open Platform Initiative is a framework for brands, partners and third-party developers to connect with the industry-leading Partnerize platform.

Marketers have enough to do without having to manage complex and cumbersome datasets and integrations. At Partnerize, our entire solution was developed to make it easy and secure to transit data and insights in and out of the platform, to simplify marketing management, drive maximum insights, and speed execution. 


Learn more about a few of our many marquee integrations below. Don’t see your favorite partner listed? Contact us and we’ll outline our relationship with them. 


10 years ago, digital was about the PC. Now, consumers migrate from device to device throughout their customer journeys. Further, most connected consumer time now takes place on mobile, and more than half of that time takes place in apps.

Track and commission on purchases and customer journeys that include any channel or device. Branch offers powerful links and solutions to help you acquire, engage, and measure across all devices, channels, and platforms. Our integration enables all data from across all devices and channels to be tracked and managed through the Partnerize platform. 

Easily incorporate partner data into your people-based marketing initiatives, and commission based on every purchase. LiveRamp IdentityLink identity resolution service is trusted by thousands of companies to tie data back to real people and onboard data to power people-based marketing.

Thousands of apps around the world rely on Appsflyer for mobile app attribution. The Partnerize integration with Appsflyer enables us to track and commission on conversions that happen in mobile apps for gaming, retail, travel, and more.

Adjust is a leading app analytics and attribution company leveraged across thousands of mobile first businesses worldwide. The Partnerize integration with Adjust empowers clients to measure and commission on conversions occuring in apps.


Button works with many leading brands to enable measurement and commissioning of sales made through mobile. Our integration enables all tracking and management of mobile partnerships through the Partnerize platform.

Screen6 offers a popular cross-device identity resolution solution. Screen6 ensures the integrity of client data and that its Graph is compliant with all privacy standards including both local legislation as well as industry self-regulation. Partnerize clients can use Screen6 to enable comprehensive tracking across devices and platforms.


Brands are rightly concerned about the costs of fraud and brand safety. A growing number of companies are working with solutions to detect and prevent bad actors from harming their businesses.

MOAT, now a part of Oracle, offers insights into viewability and ad interactions, and helps protect brands against bot-based fraud. Our integration with MOAT enables clients to leverage the power of MOAT analytics to see if end users are seeing and interacting with their ads.

Protected Media works with brands to help them monitor and ensure that their ads are viewable and appear in brand-safe environments. They also help brands protect against bot-based fraud. Our integration quickens and streamlines the process of leveraging Protected Media to identify sources of ad fraud across affiliate and partnership channels.

BrandVerity offers marketing, brand compliance, and brand protection services for search, text and display advertising. Our integration with BrandVerity enables clients to monitor where their traffic is coming from to ensure that it is legitimate. It also simplifies the process of extending Brand Verity services across the partnerships channel.

Built and optimized on customer conversion data since 2005, Anura is proven to find more fraud with a higher level of accuracy. Anura’s mature technology identifies a real user versus a bot, malware, or human fraud farm. The Partnerize integration enables clients to get real-time results and boost their campaign performance.

TrafficGuard mitigates ad fraud before it hits your advertising budget with detection across impressions, clicks and conversions.  Three formidable layers of protection block both general invalid traffic (GIVT) and sophisticated invalid traffic (SIVT) to ensure that your digital advertising results in genuine engagement. With visibility of traffic across thousands of campaigns, TrafficGuard’s machine learning can identify emerging patterns, trends and indicators of fraud quickly and reliably. Protect your ad spend and maximise ROAS with formidable fraud prevention from TrafficGuard.


Commerce leaders need technologies that work together well in order to drive the best possible results. Technical integrations with content and commerce platforms enable clients and partners to collaborate more easily.

Salesforce Commerce Cloud (formerly Demandware) enables leading brands to create seamless personalized shopping experiences for their users. Our integration makes deployment of Partnerize across estores faster and easier while also helping to eliminate integration errors.

SAP Hybris offers ecommerce solutions that strengthen customer loyalty and increase sales with consistent, personal experiences for your customers. Our integration eases deployment of Partnerize across storefronts, while also minimizing integration error risk.

Wordpress is the world’s most popular website creation tool.  Our integration with Wordpress offers partners a foolproof plug-in that enables partners to acquire and use partner links in their content, without the need to log into the Partnerize platform.

Magento is an open-source ecommerce platform that powers many of the world’s leading retailers. Our integration with Magento enables very simple implementation of Partnerize tags, as well as rapid integration, simple testing, and extensive meta tracking. Partnerize is available as a plug-in for Magento.

Shopify is an ecommerce platform used by more than 600,000 active stores. Our integration with Shopify streamlines integration and ensures reliable tracking of partner marketing programs. It also enables extensive meta tracking. Partnerize is available as a plug-in for Shopify.

WooCommerce is an ecommerce platform designed specifically for WordPress. Our integration with WooCommerce dramatically simplifies and speeds Partnerize implementation on these sites, and offers extensive meta tracking options. Partnerize is available as a plugin for WooCommerce.

WeGift enables marketers to use gift cards as pay-out and marketing tools to grow their businesses. Our integration with WeGift enables our clients to directly reward consumers attracted through the partner channel and referral programs.

cleverbridge is a provider of ecommerce and subscription billing solutions for monetizing digital goods, online services and SaaS. Our integration combines Partnerize’s best-in-class partner marketing solution with cleverbridge’s strategic marketing, campaign execution and creative services expertise to help advertisers increase online traffic, customer acquisition and overall revenue.


More and more companies rely on BI and data visualization software to identify and act on insights from the totality of their data.

Tableau is a leading provider of BI and analytics software that helps companies see and interpret their customer data. Our integration with Tableau enables clients to seamlessly deliver data and reporting to Tableau so that they can understand and interpret the industry’s richest partner data and insights in the toolset they use across the enterprise.


Google Analytics offers both free and enterprise analytics tools to measure website, app, digital and offline data to gain customer insights. Our integration with Google Analytics enables clients to connect partnership insights with other marketing data for maximum insight.


Adobe web analytics takes everything great about modern data science — from complex segmentation to predictive tools to real-time reporting — and applies it to the original digital channel. This gives you real insights that drive the decisions that help both your customer and your bottom line.



Tag management systems dramatically simplify the process of implementing Partnerize tracking and measurement on websites.

Google Tag Manager is a popular tag management solution that enables users to add, remove and edit site tags quickly and easily. Our integration with Google Tag Manager enables very simple implementation and accurate tracking. Partnerize is available in the tag library.

Ensighten offers a popular tag management solution used by many ecommerce sites. Available in the tag library, the Partnerize integration with Ensighten ensures faster and easier installation, highly reliable tracking, and simple testing.

Tealium offers a tracking tag management system that is popular with ecommerce sites. Our Partnerize integration with Tealium ensures that installation and deployment are simple and easy. Partnerize is available in the Tealium tag library.

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