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[DOWNLOAD] YoY Data Tells an Important Story About a Shift from Traffic to Revenue

Jan 25, 2022

Director of Analytics and Insights

Sometimes it’s really difficult to grasp the fact the we’re already headed for month two of 2022. Yet for marketers especially, there are so many factors and elements that in many ways, make things still feel a bit like well, 2020. It could simply be that the rollercoaster that was 2020 left such an indelible impression that we continue to employ the same smart strategies that we use to action against unpredictability and volatility. But there are shifts happening.


For more context, when you look at YoY performance data across Partnerize (2020-2021), there is an important story that unfolds when you consider revenue drivers—specifically inside the affiliate channel. In 2020, as everyone adapted to life on the inside, it was clear that traffic was plenty and was a key driver to revenue across the board. Then in 2021, we begin to see a notable shift with substantial increases in average order value as the catalyst for revenue growth. We see a mixed story on conversion rates but we’ll know better as more data unfolds.


Until then, you can get all the latest performance news by downloading the most recent U.S. Retail Affiliate Market Sales Index right here.  

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