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Three Data Factors That Drive Value in Performance Marketing

Jun 02, 2016

CEO and co-founder

Performance marketing, or what we call Digital Partner Marketing, is where brands pay marketing partners only for measurable results. Traditionally, “partners” referred to affiliates, but today’s digital marketing ecosystem includes a wider range of partners including aggregators, metapartners, media partners, comparison shopping engines, mobile apps and social media.

Brands favor performance marketing as the preferred pricing model for one simple reason: It allows marketing leaders to make decisions and allocate budgets based on measurable outcomes. However, understanding how the data behind digital partner marketing works isn’t so simple and requires deeper investigation.

Data is the key that allows both brands and marketing partners to optimize campaigns and drive revenues. To achieve measurable results and uncover the effectiveness and value that marketing partners drive through various online and mobile channels, you must consider three data factors involved:

1. Data Environment: The ‘Where’

2. Data Timing: The ‘When’

3. Data Context: The ‘How’ 

To read more in depth about these three data factors, check out our article originally published on Data Informed.

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