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The Best Affiliate Programs in the UK

Jul 01, 2023

EMEA Marketing Director

Here is a comprehensive guide to the top affiliate programmes available in the United Kingdom. Whether you’re looking for the highest commission rates, or a diverse mix of products from a certain category, this article will steer you to the best affiliate programmes you can apply to right now. 

Travel Affiliate Programmes In the UK


expedia logo

Payout: 3% Commission on Hotel Bookings / 2% on Car Rental Bookings / $2 CPA for Flight Bookings

Cookie Window: 7 Days is a leading full-service online travel booking company with a global presence. Customers can search from over 435,000 hotels and 400 airlines worldwide to plan their trip easily with a wide selection of holiday packages, rental cars, and destination activities. Expedia has localised websites in 31 countries and offers the lowest price guarantee.

Expedia has an in-house team managing the Expedia affiliate programme. They work closely with our affiliate network and partners on strategic initiatives and tactical promotions. All affiliates are informed of seasonal sales, ad hoc promotions, and product developments. The Expedia team is looking for new opportunities to drive profitability and transaction volume within the affiliate space among new and existing partners, so apply today.




Golf Affiliate Programmes UK

American Golf

american golf logo

Payout: 2% – 5% commission depending on the purchased items

Cookie Window: 30 Days


American Golf is Europe’s leading and largest golf retailer. American Golf has over 100 stores across the UK and Ireland, with ongoing expansion plans. Customers of American Golf trust the brand to deliver top-notch service and exceptional after-sales care.

American Golf prides itself on catering to golfers of all levels. The product selection at American Golf has something for golfers of all experience levels. American Golf has an extensive golf equipment catalogue, including irons, drivers, putters, package sets, balls, shoes, clothing, and more. By partnering with American Golf, you’ll tap into the thriving golf market and maximise your earning potential. Join the American Golf affiliate programme today.




Skincare Affiliate Programmes UK

Ren Clean Skincare UK

ren skincare logo

Payout: 5% Commission

Cookie Window: 30 Days


Ren Clean Skincare is a leading skincare brand that combines clean, sustainable skincare products with plant-based ingredients for happier skin. Ren Clean Skincare’s products are free from potential irritants while delivering clinically proven results. Join the Ren Clean Skincare Affiliate Programme today and be part of a revolution in clean skincare. Help people achieve radiant, healthy skin naturally. Sign up today.




Vegan Affiliate Programmes UK

Natures Aid

naturesaid logo

Payout: 3% Commission

Cookie Window: 30 Days


With over three decades of experience, Natures Aid is a trusted manufacturer and supplier of high-quality nutritional supplements in the UK. Their purpose-built factory ensures top-notch manufacturing standards.

Natures Aid’s dedicated team of natural health experts is committed to providing customers with the best in natural and vegan-friendly supplements. They offer a wide range of vitamins, supplements, and herbal products, which have quickly become favourites among UK consumers. Discover our collections of probiotics, organic products, and herbal supplements today. Join the Natures Aid Affiliate Programme now and become part of our mission to promote natural supplements and healthier lifestyles.



Best Money Transfer Affiliate Programme


wise money transfer logo

Payout: £10 per action

Cookie Window: 1 Year


Make money with the Wise Affiliate Programme, promoting an affordable solution for international money transfers. Wise is a global technology company that is revolutionising global money transfers and payments. Over 10 million people and businesses have chosen Wise over using banks, PayPal, or traditional providers because it’s a cheaper, faster, and simpler approach.

Wise’s mission is borderless money – instant, convenient, transparent, and eventually free. Their offerings include international money transfers to 80+ countries, a free multi-currency account for converting and spending 50+ currencies, and a complimentary Mastercard debit card for easy overseas spending.

As an affiliate, you’ll earn a fixed commission for new users completing their first cross-currency transaction with Wise. Enjoy a generous 1-year cookie window for extended commission potential.

Join the Wise Affiliate Marketing Programme and be part of this transformative money movement.




Coffee Affiliate Programmes UK

Colonna Coffee

colonna coffee logo

Payout: 10% CPA

Cookie Window: 30 Days


The Colonna Coffee affiliate programme offers a unique opportunity for coffee enthusiasts and businesses to join forces with a renowned roastery that has made a name for itself in the pursuit of exceptional coffee. Since its establishment in 2015, Colonna Coffee has taken meticulous control over the sourcing and flavour profiling of their coffees, forging strong relationships with customers and like-minded partners who share their passion. By sourcing only from the best producers and employing scientific precision in the roasting process, Colonna Coffee delivers a truly exceptional coffee experience.

Notably, the roastery has even contributed to the scientific understanding of coffee through co-authored published papers. These papers delve into various aspects of coffee, such as water science, frozen grinding, sensory science, and sustainability. This commitment to research stems from a genuine desire to solve day-to-day coffee problems and enhance the overall coffee experience.

Colonna Coffee’s dedication to quality extends to their select partners worldwide, where their coffee is meticulously brewed and presented. By joining the Colonna Coffee affiliate marketing programme, you can become a part of their journey and share in the passion for outstanding coffee.





Best Furniture Affiliate Programme in the UK


netfurniture affiliate programme logo

Payout: 4.5% CPA

Cookie Window: 30 Days


Netfurniture is a renowned family-run business that has been operating since 2004. With a commitment to delivering quality furniture solutions, Netfurniture caters to both the general public and trade commercial customers. Their extensive product range encompasses various categories such as kitchen furniture, breakfast table sets, poseur and exhibition tables, custom made to measure tables, kitchen tables, chairs and kitchen stools, glass top dining room tables, chairs and tables, dining room sets, retro furniture, TV stands and units, coffee tables, beds and mattresses, tub chairs, office furniture, outdoor patio furniture, bedroom furniture, furniture for restaurants, hotels, clubs, pubs, cafes, barbecues, children’s furniture, pine furniture, wood furniture, banqueting furniture, garden furniture, and a metal chrome range of outdoor furniture.

Netfurniture takes pride in offering competitive prices without compromising on quality. Their diverse customer base includes hotels, universities, landlords, pubs, restaurants, cafes, and bistros, and they actively welcome trade enquiries from these industries.

As part of their commitment to fostering strong partnerships, Netfurniture has launched its Affiliate Programme, allowing individuals and businesses to earn a commission on every sale generated through their referral. Affiliates can earn a generous commission of 4.5% on all sales made through their unique referral links. With a wide range of furniture products and an established reputation in the industry, Netfurniture provides affiliates with ample opportunities to earn attractive commissions.

Join the Netfurniture affiliate programme today.




Best Action Camera Affiliate Programme UK



Payout: 5%

Cookie Window: 7 Days


Join the GoPro affiliate programme and unlock a world of exhilarating possibilities! As the most versatile camera brand globally, GoPro empowers you to capture and celebrate life’s unforgettable moments. Our cutting-edge cameras, innovative apps, and exciting accessories enable you to document your adventures and share them with others.

We believe in the power of shared experiences. By joining our affiliate programme, you’ll not only earn attractive commissions but also become part of a passionate community united by a love for adventure and storytelling. Spread the stoke by introducing others to the thrill of GoPro cameras and earn rewards while doing so.

Partnering with GoPro means joining a thrilling journey where creativity meets technology. With our renowned brand, exceptional products, and dedicated support, you’ll have the perfect platform to amplify your influence and take your content creation to new heights. Whether you’re a vlogger, outdoor enthusiast, or social media maven, the GoPro affiliate programme is your ticket to success.

Don’t miss out on this opportunity to capture life’s extraordinary moments and inspire others to do the same. Join the GoPro affiliate programme today and let’s embark on an adventure like no other.




Best Fashion Affiliate Programme in the UK

Diane von Furstenberg


diane von furstenberg uk logo

Payout: 5%

Cookie Window: 5 Days


Diane von Furstenberg is one of the premier names in American fashion, and our affiliate programme offers you the chance to earn commissions on sales of our iconic wrap dresses, signature prints, and more.

As a DVF affiliate, you will be part of our team of trusted partners, and we trust that you will represent our brand with care. We offer a variety of promotional tools and resources to help you succeed, including:

  • Deep links to any product in the catalogue
  • Customised affiliate links
  • Real-time tracking and reporting
  • Competitive commission rates

If you are a fashion blogger, influencer, or website owner, the DVF Affiliate Programme is a great way to earn commissions and promote your favourite brand. Sign up today and start earning!




Best UK Airline Affiliate Programme

British Airways

British Airways

Payout: Commissions vary by product, site type and region

Cookie Window: 30 Days


British Airways is one of the world’s leading global premium airlines and the largest international carrier in the UK. The airline flies to 200 destinations in 80 countries.

The British Airways Affiliate Programme is an advertising programme that rewards affiliate marketers for displaying British Airways affiliate advertisements that link directly to British Airways for purchases on the site.

If accepted onto the programme, affiliate marketers can earn commission on a qualifying transaction, which is a valid flight, holiday, car rental, or hotel booking made on the British Airways website. Commissions vary by product, site type, and region.

To be eligible for the programme, affiliate marketers must have a website or blog that is compatible with the British Airways website and that contains no offencive or controversial content. Affiliate marketers must also agree to be bound by the terms and conditions of the programme.




Best Affiliate Programme for Pizza in the UK

Pizza Hut

Pizza Hut

Payout: 4% CPA for New Customers and 1% CPA for Returning Customers
Cookie Window: 30 Days


Pizza Hut, the world’s largest pizza restaurant chain, is now offering an affiliate programme in the UK. The programme offers a generous payment model, with up to 4% on new customers on all deliveries. Pizza Hut also frequently runs commission increases, bonuses, and incentives.

The programme offers a wide range of creative materials, including text and promotional links, that affiliates can use to promote Pizza Hut on their websites or social media channels. Pizza Hut also offers bespoke arrangements and customized links for individual partners.

The affiliate programme is open to all types of affiliates, including voucher and discount sites. However, please note that any transactions where an unauthorized voucher code has been used are liable to be canceled.

To learn more about the Pizza Hut Affiliate Programme, please visit the website or contact the team.

Here are some key points to highlight in the description:

  • Up to 4% on new customers on all deliveries.
  • Frequent commission increases, bonuses, and incentives.
  • Wide range of creative materials available.
  • Open to all types of affiliates, including voucher and discount sites.




Best Cycling Affiliate Programme

Swinnerton Cycles

swinnerton cycles logo

Commission: 2% On Commissions on Bike sales and 3% on clothing

Cookie Window: 30 Days

Swinnerton Cycles is a family-owned and operated bicycle shop that has been serving the community since 1915. They offer a wide selection of bicycles, accessories, and clothing to meet the needs of all riders, from beginners to experienced cyclists. They also offer free delivery options in and a price match promise.

Why team up with Swinnerton Cycles?

  • They offer a generous commission rate.
  • They provide their affiliates with access to exclusive promotional materials and offers.
  • They have a dedicated affiliate support team that is always available to help you succeed.
  • They are committed to providing their customers with the best possible shopping experience.

To become a Swinnerton Cycles affiliate, sign up using the link below. Once your application is approved, you will have access to all of the tools and resources you need to start promoting their products and services.




Best UK Fitness Affiliate Marketing Programme

Fitness First


fitnerss first logo

Payout: 10% Default CPA / Commissions vary by sign up and region

Cookie Window: 30 Days

Fitness First has been a pioneer in the UK fitness industry since 1993. With an expansive network of 44 gyms across England, Fitness First is dedicated to creating an atmosphere where everyone can thrive while finding their perfect fit.

At the heart of Fitness First’s ethos are four core pillars: expertly-led Classes, state-of-the-art Equipment, highly qualified Personal Trainers, and Customised Workouts, all designed to empower Fitness First’s members to achieve their health and fitness goals.

By joining the Fitness First Affiliate Program, you’ll align with a brand that continues to lead by example, inspiring countless individuals to become stronger in life, one training session at a time. Join the Fitness First affiliate marketing programme today and begin making a lasting difference in people’s lives.




Join the Partnerize Affiliate Network


partnerize affiliate network logo

The brands mentioned above all leverage Partnerize, a leading affiliate marketing platform. Partnerize streamlines affiliate tracking, recruitment, and payouts, allowing you to focus on growing your program.

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