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The 10 Best Australian Affiliate Programs

Sep 10, 2023

JAPAC Marketing Director

Affiliate marketing is attractive because it offers a unique combination of scale, automation and outcome-based pricing models—the winning formula for achieving omnipresence at a cost you can control. But no affiliate program is the same. If you’re working with an affiliate network or an affiliate platform, you can still seek out the best affiliate marketing programs in Australia that suit your audience. Whether you’re looking for programs for beginners or the highest paying affiliate programs, we’ve put together a list of the best affiliate programs in Australia across a variety of verticals.

Essentially, affiliate marketing is a marketing arrangement by which an online retailer pays commission to a partner for performance-driven action from its referrals. Traditionally, it was always managed by affiliate networks but as affiliate programs have matured, the affiliate network model has been heavily replaced by partnership technology platforms. So, how do you know which affiliate program is right for you, which is the highest-performing affiliate program- and if you’re new to this – which are the best affiliate programs for beginners?

To make things easier for those who want to promote major brands, we’ve separated out the best affiliate brands in Australia by vertical.

Here are the top 10 Australian Affiliate Programs for 2023:

  • Adore Beauty – Best Beauty Affiliate Program
  • Marley Spoon – Best Meal Prep Affiliate Program
  • THE ICONIC – Best Affiliate Programs for Fashion and Footwear
  • UNIQLO – Best Affiliate Programs for Clothing & Accessories
  • Koala – Best Affiliate Programs for Home Decor
  • Appliances Online – Best Kitchen Appliance Affiliate Program
  • PETstock – Best Affiliate Programs for Pets
  • Camplify – Best RV Affiliate Programs 
  • MILKRUN – Best Grocery Delivery Programs

Best Beauty Affiliate Program

Adore Beauty

Commission: The amount of commission affiliates earn depends on how they choose to promote Adore Beauty and our products.

Cookie Window: 30 days.

The Adore Beauty Affiliate Program is the best affiliate program for beauty and is for the types of affiliate partners who love all things skincare, makeup, haircare and beauty! Approved affiliates will receive unique links and banners that you can place on your blog to direct traffic to the Adore Beauty website and promotional landing pages. Affiliates will earn an agreed commission amount every time a customer makes a successful purchase using their link. Adore beauty also provides its partners with tips and tricks for getting the most out of the program. This affiliate marketing program is fantastic because it offers a variety of commission structures. Affiliates can earn strong revenue as Adore Beauty has a loyal following and audience.















Best Meal Prep Affiliate Program

Marley Spoon

Commission: $45 commission per new customer.

Cookie Window: 30 days.

Marley Spoon is the meal kit that tastes like no other and the affiliate program that excited like no other. If you have a website that has great content, focuses on food, convenience and life hacks, and if your audience is inspired by fresh food and cooking then this is the affiliate program for you! Marley Spoon is one of the high paying affiliate programs as it offers a generous $45 commission per new customer and a $100 coupon for new customers through its affiliate advertising material. It’s one of the strongest affiliate programs in the food and beverage space, supported by regular promotions and marketing tools to help boost your conversion rates.



Best Affiliate Programs for Fashion and Footwear


Commission: Up to 10% commission.

Cookie Window: 30 days.

THE ICONIC – part of Global Fashion Group – is the leading online fashion, footwear and sports retailer in Australia and New Zealand. Their partner program enables you to represent and earn recurring income on more than 1,000 international brands with 200 arrivals daily. The ICONIC’s shopping experience encompasses designer, kidswear and even private labels. Become an affiliate partner for THE ICONIC and be rewarded for driving sales. Get paid to promote their widely loved products and receive support such as frequent promotions, exclusive perks and local affiliate support. THE ICONIC is one of Australia’s most exciting affiliate programs with a loyal fashion-first audience.



Best Affiliate Programs for Clothing & Accessories


Commission: Minimum 3% commission.

Cookie Window: 30 days.

UNIQLO is a leading fashion retailer, seeing superb growth by providing high-quality casual wear at remarkably affordable prices for men, women and kids. The Uniqlo Australia affiliate program gives you the opportunity to partner with one of the world’s most exciting and innovative brands that is constantly evolving. As a UNIQLO affiliate you will earn at least 3% commission every time a visitor originating from your site makes a purchase on the UNIQLO Australia store. To help you promote the best affiliate marketing offers, UNIQLO has a dedicated team to support you. UNIQLO frequently updates its banners and text links to feature top selling products and provide you with the latest news about the program. This is one of the best affiliate marketing programs because everyone can get involved: Bloggers can also benefit from UNIQLO’s extensive advertising and promotional activity, including PR and video content.



Best Affiliate Programs for Home Decor


Commission: The amount of recurring commission affiliates earn varies.

Cookie Window: Unknown.

Koala designs furniture that works for you and our planet. They are one of Australia’s leading e-commerce sites offering customers the opportunity to purchase beds, mattresses, lounge furniture and more through their online store. Koala is one of the strongest affiliate programs because the brand behind it is one of the most recognizable in Australia. Promoting Koala’s affiliate links means your audience can access a wide variety of furniture and homeware products, all with a 120-night guarantee. Koala has a locally based digital marketing team who can support you with the signup process, deciding which products to promote, and rewarding you with a cost per sale. Still a recent addition to the channel, Koala’s affiliate program is one you don’t want to miss out on!



Best Kitchen Appliance Affiliate Program

Appliances Online

Commission: The amount of recurring commission affiliates earn varies.

Cookie Window: 30 days.

The Appliances Online Australia affiliate program draws Australian shoppers to appliancesonline.com.au, where they can buy name brand appliances and household electronics. Trusted by hundreds of thousands of Australians, this family-run business earns loyalty using an impressive inventory and consistently low prices, making it one of Australia’s strongest affiliate marketing programs. This program can be effectively marketed to consumers who wish to outfit their home with appliances at reasonable values. The sign up process for this partner program is simple and enables you to earn recurring commissions by promoting a wide range of Appliances Online’s products and services. Utilizing affiliate links for Appliances Online’s online store enables you to drive a high-value customer per sale and increase your business.



Best Affiliate Programs for Pets


Commission: The amount of recurring commission affiliates earn varies.

Cookie Window: 30 days.

PETstock is a 100% Australian, family-owned and operated business, built on humble beginnings in regional Victoria. PETstock is one of the best affiliate marketing programs because the brand you’re promoting is built on family values and a passion for pets; the ingredients of the PETstock DNA. PETstock understands that you’re not shopping for your dog, cat, bird, fish or lizard…you’re shopping for your best buddy, your family member. As a partner, you can make money online by promoting the best quality pet care products. PETstock has affiliate marketing support for its partners and offers regular program offers and promotions for affiliates to pass on. Utilizing PETstock affiliate links, you can tap into a large Australian audience who love pets!



Best RV Affiliate Programs

rv with sun going down

Commission: 3%

Cookie Window: 30 days.

Camplify is Australia’s largest and most trusted campervan, motorhome and caravan sharing community. Camplify makes it easy for holidaymakers to hire neighbourhood vans and recreational vehicles for their next outdoor adventure, and for van owners to earn extra cash by sharing their vans.

Why people love Camplify:

  • Affordability: Camplify vans are typically much cheaper to hire than traditional campervans and motorhomes.
  • Variety: Camplify has a wide variety of vans to choose from, including campervans, motorhomes, caravans, and even tiny homes.
  • Convenience: Camplify vans are available for pickup and drop-off all over Australia, making it easy to start your adventure from wherever you are.
  • Community: Camplify is more than just a van sharing platform. It’s a community of like-minded people who love to explore Australia in their vans and RVs.

The Camplify Affiliate Program is a great way to earn money by promoting Camplify to your audience. Affiliates can earn 3% commission on all rentals made through their referral link. This means that if you refer someone to Camplify and they book a van, you’ll earn 3% of the rental price.



Best Grocery Delivery Affiliate Program



Commission: 3% Commission

Cookie Window: 7 days

MILKRUN is the ultimate grocery delivery service, and now its now your ticket to earning extra income. MILKRUN is grocery delivery service that services selected areas across Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Gold Coast, Canberra, Newcastle, and Perth. And guess what? MILKRUN is rapidly expanding!

So, how does the MILKRUN app work? It’s as simple as 1-2-3. Just download the MILKRUN app, browse MILKRUN’s extensive selection of over 10,000 products from beloved brands, and fill your cart with your heart’s desires. With just a tap, place your order, and MILKRUN’s team will spring into action, picking, packing, and handing it over to MILKRUN’s speedy delivery partners. In as little as 33 minutes, your order will be at your door, thanks to MILKRUN’s partnership with Woolworths Metro.

Why join the MILKRUN Affiliate Program? When you become a MILKRUN affiliate, you earn a generous 3% commission on the sales you drive. Plus, with MILKRUN’s rapidly growing customer base, weekly specials, and exclusive MILKRUN deals, you’ll have plenty of opportunities to boost your earnings.

Join the MILKRUN Affiliate Program today by clicking the sign up button below.



Is affiliate marketing popular in Australia?

Yes, affiliate marketing is very popular in Australia. While a growing industry, many Australian businesses use affiliate marketing as a way to reach audiences and drive traffic to their website ultimately increasing their sales. According to a recent study, affiliate marketing in Australia is expected to grow at a rate of 10% per year, reaching a value of AUD 1.6B at some point in 2023. There are also several affiliate marketing networks and platforms operating in Australia, such as Partnerize, that provide platforms and affiliate management for businesses and affiliates (partners) to connect and work together.

Is affiliate marketing regulated in Australia?

Yes. In short, affiliate marketing is subject to regulation in Australia, and businesses engaged in affiliate marketing must comply with the relevant laws and guidelines to ensure that their marketing practices are lawful and ethical. The Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) is responsible for instituting regulations and enforcing the Competition and Consumer Act 2010, which includes provisions that apply to affiliate marketing. Further, the ACCC issues guidelines for businesses engaged in affiliate marketing providing requirements for disclosure of affiliate relationships and the use of testimonials and endorsements. These guidelines aim to ensure that consumers are not misled or deceived by affiliate marketing practices. Finally, the Australian Communications and Media Authority (ACMA) regulates the use of electronic marketing in Australia which includes email marketing and online advertising and covers but is not limited to providing requirements for consent, identification, and unsubscribe mechanisms.

In Summary

No matter the type of affiliate program you’re searching for, or the audience you’re wanting to reach, working with leading brands across affiliate networks and SaaS platforms can help you achieve real results. These are just some of the leading affiliate programs across Australia, but there are so many more to choose from. One of the advantages of working on the Partnerize affiliate platform, instead of through an affiliate network, is that you can connect directly with these brands to ensure you have the most successful affiliate program and that you see real results.

One thing to remember, is that many of these highlighted programs are established, so if you’re looking for programs for beginners, you may want to reach out to smaller brands who provide high- paying affiliate programs – these can often be founder on long tail affiliate networks.


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