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Relying on Cookies? Your Tracking is at Risk.

Sep 27, 2021

Director of Product Marketing

Marketers know that gaining operating leverage is the only way to win—an achievement that is impossible without accurate performance marketing tracking. For brands leveraging cookie-based tracking solutions, accurate partner channel tracking is threatened by ever-evolving browser updates including those found in Safari’s ITP, Google Chrome and Firefox.

By relying on cookie-based tracking, marketers are risking ITP-related tracking inconsistencies—inaccuracies that inhibit effective optimization for three major reasons:

  • Marketers need accurate attribution of sales to the affiliate channel, or any channel for that matter. A clear, truthful picture of channel performance is necessary to build strategy, allocate spend and create operating leverage to scale unit economics.
  • Without accurate tracking, there’s no way to appropriately credit partners for the value they provide. ITP negatively impacts persistent tracking, creating risk for accurate transaction triggers. Marketers must make sure that partners are given appropriate credit (and by that we mean, get paid) so that they continue to drive activity on behalf of your brand
  • Lastly, precise data tells a story. Inaccurate data won’t paint a picture of what is really going on in the partner channel. Instead, it might portray a decline in revenue, which devalues that channel as a part of your digital mix and hinders it from gaining the respect it deserves as a true profit center.

Partnerize’s innovative tracking solutions protect your partner program from ongoing browser updates while enabling rapid deployment of integrated technology solutions in an easy-to-use dashboard, depending on the best-suited option for each brand—a decision that can be easily made with our dedicated integration specialists.

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