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Performance Horizon Is Now Partnerize

Jul 10, 2018

CEO and co-founder

It is with great excitement that today we announce we are launching our new brand name, Partnerize.

Why a New Name 

Our company has long believed in the power of partnerships to transform business. Our mission is to make it easier for brands to build partnerships that drive extraordinary growth. Our new brand identity is designed to clearly communicate our focus on partnership, and help clarify how we are different from networks and other software companies.

We chose the name Partnerize because we are all about making partnerships easier. There has been a fundamental evolution in the partnerships category in recent years. Partnership now encompasses dynamic new sectors including channel partnerships, loyalty partnerships, influencers, referral partnerships, and brand-to-brand alliances in addition to affiliate marketing.

From its strong and fast-growing foundation in the affiliate marketing industry, partnership has expanded to include innovative new types of business relationships with influencers, tech companies and other major brands.

Partnerize Logo and CEO Malcolm Cowley

Easy Transition

We’ve worked very hard to ensure that our rebrand doesn’t make anything more complicated for you.

Please note:

  • Your existing platform login URL(s) and username/password will continue to work.  
  • Your existing support email address will continue to work
  • Your contacts on our team will now have emails, but their old email addresses will automatically forward to their new account
  • You’ll find our new corporate website at:

There will also be new urls that your CS lead will tell you about individually.

Just as we have worked hard to keep things simple for you, we are doing the same for partners. Old partner login urls, login information, and support emails will continue to work. Gradually, we will introduce them to new Partnerize logins and support addresses, at which point the old addresses will redirect to new addresses.

No Changes to Contracts or Other Business Arrangements

To make this as simple a transition for you as possible, our adoption of a new brand name will have no effect on your contracts or other arrangements with our company.  

Product Enhancements

Along with our new name, we are also rolling out a number of product enhancements to all clients and partners on launch day and throughout the summer. Your CS lead will reach out to walk you through those changes and then turn them on in your platform.  And you can watch our blog for more info on these updates.

Closing Thoughts

We look forward to the opportunity to help you drive even more growth through partnerships. Reach out to your Client Success lead if you have any questions.

In closing, I’d like to express my heartfelt thanks to our clients for their business. 


Mal Cowley

Co-founder and CEO

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