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Partnerize x Pushly Integrated Partnership: Easily Reach and Convert Consumers Directly on Their Personal Device

Apr 30, 2024

Director of Product Marketing

With a goal of enhancing consumer engagement and increasing revenue, more than 70% of digital retailers will prioritize personalization in 2024. While personalized messaging powers brands to reach new and/or existing customers with the right content at the right time, it also comes with associated risks. Marketers seeking to deploy personalized messaging face regulations such as GDPR and CCPA compliance as well as collection and storage of personal information including email addresses, phone numbers, IP address or other persistent identifiers–hindrances that can quickly extinguish personalization strategies. 


Partnerize supports marketers in automating their personalization strategy with our latest integrated partnership: Pushly. Pushly is a push notification solution that enables Partnerize brands to engage anonymous window shoppers with personalized messaging directly on their devices, distributing content, boosting retention and driving revenue growth. With the Pushly x Partnerize integrated partnership, brands can easily deploy GDPR and CCPA-compliant timely, personalized notifications directly to consumers. Further, the integration is turnkey for brands using the Partnerize Tag. 


Learn more about our latest integrated partnership by downloading our Pushly quick guide. Or, learn more about how Partnerize enables brands to prioritize personalization on a performance-based model, get in touch with our team at

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