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Let Analytics Help Drive Your Holiday Strategy

Nov 20, 2023

Product Marketing Manager

Marketers need easily-digestible reporting to make data-driven decisions. Whether you need a performance summary or a deep dive into holiday shopping season success metrics, Partnerize has you covered. To provide the visibility necessary to optimize partnerships, Partnerize is committed to continuously delivering reporting enhancements that make real-time actionable insights easily accessible–transparency and optimization efficiencies that support you in driving profitable growth.   


To take advantage of recent enhancements to Partnerize’s reporting and analytics suite when prepping for the holiday shopping season:


Evaluate results in your preferred format. Customize data visualizations in analytics tables and reports using the column selector to easily select and manage which data is displayed. With the addition of new reporting columns including percentage of order value, percentage of commission and average commission, you can easily:


  • Garner a greater understanding of program performance including how specific partners and products impact overall order composition
  • Easily optimize partnerships with richer on-demand insights for partner-specific rewards
  • Gain control of marketing dollars with partner and product-level at-a-glance commission insights


Further customization via easy access buttons allow marketers to easily tailor the chart type displayed to get a visual overview of their performance data, in either a bar or line chart, or hide the graph completely to focus on the table data.


Share partnership channel performance with your team. Easily export a CSV of click and conversion reports, or choose to share reports via email with other users–time-saving functionality that gives your team visibility into your holiday shopping season successes.


Easily derive actionable insights that influence holiday strategy. Add extra layers to custom performance reports with the addition of Comparison reporting to our custom report builder, allowing granular comparison of reporting across multiple metrics. Build and filter group level item and conversion reports, and evaluate performance over time by comparing data for your chosen date range with the previous equivalent range.  


View trends from previous peak shopping holidays. Easily narrow your performance results to those most important to you, with the ability to view filtered custom date ranges either from a selection of preset ranges, or define your own custom range, with our easily accessible date picker.




Tap into the Partnerize platform’s reporting enhancements by visiting the Analytics suite. Not a Partnerize client yet? Learn more about how Partnerize can help you maximize the benefits of the partnership channel. Get in touch at

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