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Incorporate Mobile App Events Into Your Partner Channel Success Story with Partnerize’s Tracking Solutions

Apr 05, 2023

Director of Product Marketing

As marketers continue to navigate rising advertising costs and a turbulent economic environment, garnering accurate results for initiatives across their digital mix is more important than ever before– insight that enables data-driven spend allocation decisions. When it comes to the partner channel, implementing the appropriate infrastructure to ensure persistent tracking regardless of device type is paramount to gathering a holistic view of performance. And, leveraging tracking infrastructure that extends beyond mobile browser tracking to optimize in-app events in the partner channel provides an even clearer picture of your success story. 


With nearly 70% of transactions completed on mobile apps, forgoing tracking infrastructure that provides insight into consumers’ in-app behavior makes gathering accurate data impossible. Further, a lack of in-app reporting inhibits the holistic view necessary to inform data-driven decisioning. Incorporating mobile app events into the partner channel not only provides insight into consumers’ growing favoritism toward mobile (Partnerize saw an 11% YoY increase in mobile revenue for February 2023 representing 38% of all conversion activity) but also enables dynamic partner rewards for in-app consumer engagement. As a result, marketers can maximize partner channel revenue regardless of device type–a key component to driving profitable growth.


Download our quick guide on maximizing partner channel revenue with persistent tracking across device types to: 

  • Understand the role that mobile app tracking infrastructure plays in making data-driven decisions
  • Learn about the solutions available for incorporating mobile app events into the partner channel
  • Garner next steps for actioning against in-app events

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