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[eBook] How Brand-to-Brand Partnerships Accelerate Growth

Feb 14, 2022

Director of Product Marketing

According to eMarketer, 2022 US digital ad spend is projected to increase 14% from last year surging to $240B. To maximize the return on such a substantial investment, marketers must tap into solutions that simplify the design, deployment and measurement of sophisticated campaigns across consumers’ buyer journey— initiatives that grow quickly in both cost and complexity for those not leveraging the partnership channel.


When developing partner channel strategies, diversification of partner types is critical to expanding reach and tapping into higher lifetime value consumers. And, reaching and incenting target audiences requires marketers to maximize the benefits of both traditional and transformational partnerships–diversification that can’t be supported by one-size-fits-all optimization.


Download A Transformative Opportunity: How Brand-to-Brand Partnerships Accelerate Growth to learn more about coordinating and executing on transformational partnerships.

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