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Enhanced Fraud Manager: Improved Machine Learning Delivers More Detection Metrics

Aug 27, 2020

Senior Product Marketing Manager

Our advanced anti-fraud suite has always helped Partnerize advertisers identify, manage, and eliminate partner fraud so they can be confident that their marketing dollars are going to the partners that are truly driving value. Using proprietary machine learning, Fraud Manager identifies patterns in transactional data that could indicate potential fraud. Multiple metrics are analyzed in real-time to uncover even the most sophisticated partner fraud. Once alerted to anomalies, users can investigate and mitigate fraud risks before they materially affect campaign performance.

Since its launch, our Data Science team has been hard at work making major improvements to our Fraud Manager, and we are pleased to share that the latest update provides more fraud detection metrics, along with vastly improved data visualizations.

Benefits of the new functionality include:
  • In addition to the previous metrics that were flagged as potential partner fraud, Fraud Manager now monitors for potential fraud at the customer level using IP address.  
  • Managing potential fraud is much easier with a new dashboard and incident page that shows if a partner or IP address has had a previous violation. 
  • Increased accuracy of incident flagging through improved machine learning.

Remember, Fighting Fraud is an Arms Race

By 2022, the estimated costs of digital ad fraud worldwide will be $22 billion. Partner marketing has always been considered less prone to fraud than other channels because the pay-for-performance model is harder to dupe than soft metrics such as ad viewability or fake Instagram followers. But that does not mean fraudsters will stop looking for ways to game the system.

As long as there is money to be made, there will be bad actors trying to exploit legitimate brands and partners. Fortunately, our data scientists at Partnerize are working to stay one step ahead of the fraudsters and to provide tools to give advertisers peace of mind. 

For more on data science and fraud prevention, see this article from earlier this year, The Data Science Behind Fraud Detection in Affiliate Marketing.

To learn more about Partnerize Fraud Manager, request a demo today.

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