Partnerize offers a full range of tools to detect possible partnership fraud. In addition, our BrandVerity Search Monitoring and Web Compliance tools to protect your traffic and avoid legal challenges. Make sure every conversion is credited to the right partner and prevent bad actors from hijacking traffic and conversions.

Advanced anti-fraud suite

Automate fraud detection for your campaigns with Partnerize. Examine possible signs of fraud in the dedicated fraud detection and prevention suite. Follow-up and mitigate fraud risks before they materially affect your campaign performance.


Search monitoring and web compliance using industry-leading BrandVerity technology

Search monitoring and web compliance are critical technology for partner and affiliate programs. Partnerize has acquired the technology and team of BrandVerity, the monitoring and compliance leader, to offer an unsurpassed, integrated brand protection solution.

BrandVerity Search Monitoring with Partnerize

Protect your search traffic from bad actors and URL spoofing. Ensure affiliates abide by the terms of their partnership agreements by monitoring search terms with BrandVerity. Spot issues on both branded and non-branded search terms.

BrandVerity Web Compliance with Partnerize

Ensure your partners always feature the right offers and claims. BrandVerity automatically scans the web and flags possible compliance issues that could put your brand at risk. Powerful mitigation tools make it easy to remedy problems.

HP’s Partner Marketing program has seen phenomenal growth in the past few quarters. All thanks to our partners for their continued commitment and ongoing support. This space has huge potential and we look forward to making the most of it.

Paromita Mitra, Regional Digital Shelf Management Lead – Asia Pacific

Advanced data science for partnership protection

Partnership fraud is a constantly evolving arena. Partnerize uses advanced, proprietary data-science to detect unusual data patterns that warrant review and possible investigation.

AI-powered fraud alerts for partnership protection

AI and machine learning constantly monitor your data to detect sudden changes in key metrics. See problems and opportunities fast. Receive alerts in-platform or via, email, Slack, or webhook. 

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