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Byline: Learn the Secrets to Keep Partners Driving Growth for Your Programs

Feb 02, 2018

CMO, RevLifter

Internet Retailer published a byline from Holly Brim on our team here about special strategies and tactics that can keep partners active and motivated. Here’s a brief piece of the text to get you started:

Partner marketing is expanding well beyond the traditional definition of affiliate, given the ways in which the industry’s programs and revenue models have opened up to encompass a greater range of partner types. For example, leading consumer magazines, top social influencers, and specialist bloggers in tech, decorating, fashion and finance have now entered the space as partners for retailers.

Whether your company still uses the term affiliate, or has broadened its perspective and language to partner marketing, it’s vital that retailers work to satisfy (and even delight) their marketing partners in order to drive maximum sales and growth from the channel.

Yet, too often, these relationships are neglected, misunderstood, or poorly managed. Here are five key strategies to help keep your partners happy and focused on building your mutual bottom lines.

Click to read the entire post at Internet Retailer

(Note, since this article was published we have changed our name from Performance Horizon to Partnerize. Check out our home page for more information.)

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