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6 Easy Steps to Get Your Partnership Program Holiday Ready

Sep 28, 2023

Director, Managed Client Services

There’s no doubt that the feel of fall is in the air. The leaves are changing, the sun is setting sooner, and the distinct feeling of Q4 has settled in. As we all look forward to another fantastic quarter of partnership performance, there are definitely some essential steps we can take to help us perform at our highest level and to truly set ourselves up for success. The partnership channel is one of collaboration, and outcome-based performance and below, we outline six of our most highly-suggested practices to ensure things are running smoothly during what can be described as a busy time for some, and a hectic time for others.


Partnerize is here to support you with some ideas on how to best prepare your partnerships for holiday success in Q4 and beyond. So, without further ado, here are six easy steps to get your partnership program holiday ready.



Asset Refresh

Now is a great time to look at all the creative assets you have active in the platform. Are there old promo images that are no longer relevant or products that are sold out? If yes, it might be time to remove them to reduce clutter. Are assets already completed for Q4? Great! These can be uploaded ahead of time and guarded by date gates, only being viewable after a time one sets.


Offer/Textlink/Code Audit

Similar to the asset refresh above but a reminder to clean up old or inactive offers, codes, etc., that are in the platform. This helps reduce clutter ensuring focus can be on the upcoming Q4 offers. We recommend downloading a full list of each and auditing for assurance.


Offer/Textlink/Code Scheduling

As with assets, these pieces of creative can be scheduled in advance so, if you have offers or copy ahead of Q4, now is the time to begin scheduling them in your account to stay organized and ensure the right content is available in advance of your most enticing holiday offers.


Partner Newsletter Scheduling

Once all assets and offers/promotions are uploaded, it’s time to schedule newsletters. While uploading the offer(s) is key, spreading the word about what’s coming from your brand is essential in amplifying the message. Newsletters can be sent to individual partners, groups of partners, or your entire network of partners. Targeting certain groups can be effective in tailoring the message. Further, direct outreach to the most important partners can help further the relationship and establish a space for optimization. As with all other creatives, newsletters can be scheduled in advance to go out at a set date and time.


Requesting Media Kits

Many partners have already begun sending out their Q4 media kits. Generally, pricing in Q4 is much higher than other quarters because the demand is also high. Kicking off conversations and securing optimizations as quickly as possible will help ensure availability and the best pricing. Knowing and sharing one’s budget can help tailor the conversation for efficiency. Worth noting is that many partners often have last minute remnant inventory which can be acquired at lower fees, but you must be fully prepared to provide any deliverables to meet short timelines. If you haven’t received media kits from top partners, we encourage direct outreach to open the conversation.


Audit Commission Terms

To optimize spend and revenue, it’s crucial to ensure all partners are at appropriate commission terms. Some upper-funnel partners have certain minimums to be considered for coverage. Some lower-funnel partners have minimums for participation. Reviewing the top 20 partners is a recommended best practice. As time allows, a full review is encouraged on occasion, but Q4 is certainly a worthwhile time to explore at least your top producers and identify opportunities to optimize. Considering dynamic commission terms (SKU or New/Returning), is another route to optimization.



We’re confident that implementing these tips will help make sure your partnerships are running as smoothly as possible during the hustle and bustle of Q4. Just as crucial of a practice is remembering to find time for yourself to simply breathe and find clarity in the chaos. Setting aside some time for a brisk or relaxing walk, reading a few pages from a book, stretching, or simply blocking off some “you” time in your calendar can really help you to recenter and focus on success.


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