Retail partnership management.

Retail marketers need partnership technology built to discover, engage and convert audiences, at scale, all while maintaining brand safety and control.

Discover right-fit partners.

Easily recruit right-fit partners that reach target audiences. Tap into Discover’s unrivaled ability to find and cultivate the diverse partnerships required to offset your primary sales and marketing channels from Partnerize and beyond.

Get the channel insights you need to power a customer first approach.

Effective retail partnership management requires comprehensive insight into what shoppers are browsing and buying. Collect unlimited parameters with events and purchases (e.g. department, SKU, brand, size, color) to better understand your customers. Use this data for better reporting, optimization, and even bespoke commissioning programs that are attuned to your KPIs.

Set custom commissions for your retail partnership programs.

Partnerize offers the industry’s most flexible commissioning capabilities. Create programs that align to your specific goals and incent partners on AOV, item, type of customer, and granular sku-level data.

Compensate on percentage or flat fee

Set rates by gross margin

Set commissions by purchased brand

Bonus partners for customer acquisition

Vary rate by basket size and contents

Adjust rates for sales and clearance events

Vary commission by country or region

Set rates for distressed inventory

Reward for outstanding customer lifetime value

Commission for offline sales redeemed online

I've used Partnerize from both sides, publisher, and partner. Both are great. Reporting is robust, and the documentation is helpful. The Partnerize staff is always very kind, professional and quick to respond. The platform is easy to use and seems to be constantly evolving. There always seems to be new features right around the corner.
Will Munroe
Director of Ecommerce

Learn how our clients drive profitable growth with Partnerize.

Take your retail partnership programs global.

Many of our clients are active in multiple markets, and some even worldwide. We can help you navigate partner environments and complex international tax laws to improve your ability to sell goods and services internationally. 

Integrate data into your reporting source of truth.

Retail partnership management shouldn’t operate in a vacuum. With pre-built integrations to many of the most popular ecommerce, BI and other marketing technologies, we make it easy to integrate reports and data.

Explore the power of partnerships.

Are you ready to turn your partnerships into a profit center?