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Unlock profitable growth through engaging commerce content. With your team’s objectives and content direction, we manage execution of scalable commerce content on top publishers.

StackAgency, a division of StackCommerce, helps brands secure relevant, impactful, and rich affiliate content designed to inform and drive action for your brand.

Our content packages work on a flat fee + CPA basis, and we offer packages across over 70+ top tier publishers such as NYPost, Rolling Stone, and more. Content types include but are not limited to:

  • Custom articles written by the publisher's editors
  • Article inclusions
  • Dedicated emails
  • Email inclusions
  • Organic and social traffic drivers,
  • Social whitelisting

Our team will develop a custom affiliate content strategy designed to have the largest possible impact relative to your goals and budget. Our Account Management team stays with you every step of the content execution process, ensuring a seamless launch and real time data updates. We are fully transparent with our reporting; we share all data and insights on the campaign and use them to drive future campaign strategy.

You can work with us through your affiliate network to make tracking seamless. 

Next steps

Do you think StackCommerce would make a great partner on your campaign? If so, you can reach out to them directly, or find them on our platforms using the info below:

Maggie Gibson
Director, Media Sales
Bryan Godfrey
Account Executive

Partner Types

  • Content

Partner Verticals

  • Finance
  • Retail
  • Services
  • Travel

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