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Soreto Limited

At Soreto we use our social referral technology to help brands harness the power of customer advocacy. Soreto enables you to simply and easily build loyalty, reward customers and amplify social reach

Did you know that a staggering 75% of UK adults actively incorporate social media into their buying process, and 55% solidify their purchase decisions following a social media discovery?  
Imagine a world where an army of loyal shoppers are sharing and evangelizing about your brand and products across social media. Greater still, imagine a world where these loyal advocates are then rewarded for doing so by receiving exclusive offers and discounts, increasing your reach, loyalty and sales. Soreto makes this super simple for you to achieve and is revolutionizing the way shoppers share their love of their favourite brands.  

Soreto is a game-changing, award winning referral marketing and social sharing technology. Our innovative solution capitalizes on the influence of social media by turning a brands existing customers into a potent acquisition channel. Soreto strategically taps into the goldmine of trusted word-of-mouth, inspiring customers to champion their favourite brands among friends and family through seamless integration at checkout and then via social media and messaging platforms. By incentivizing customers to become brand advocates and share their recent purchase and love of the brand, we create a powerful cycle of positive engagement that extends beyond the transaction, cultivating enduring customer relationships.  

Next steps

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James Lovelace
VP Sales

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ROAS £31 for every £1

10m organic socials posts per year

98% client retention

Over 300 active brands