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ShopForward, a premium CSS partner, helps advertisers increase their sales and reach by maximizing product visibility. With a dedicated team, we focus on managing Google and Microsoft Shopping campaig

What we do
We offer tailored CSS solutions, including strategic campaign planning and data-driven insights, empowering online retailers to thrive in the competitive digital landscape. We are currently live for over 20.000 advertisers, delivering incremental sales every day thanks to our own algorithm.

Why ShopForward?
Because of the experience that we have with different clients in different verticals we have our own best practice strategy. However if an advertiser has certain wishes, we can tweak the campaigns to fit the advertisers needs. Without taking any risk themselves, clients can make use of the high class campaign setup of ShopForward, no fixed fees or hours are charged.


Besides delivering performance, we prioritize building long term relationships with our clients. We understand that successful collaborations are built on trust. And in turn we believe that trust is built on effective, open and transparent communication on for example, campaign results and optimizations.

Next steps

Do you think ShopForward would make a great partner on your campaign? If so, you can reach out to them directly, or find them on our platforms using the info below:

ShopForward Marketing Team
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