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SafeOpt by AddShoppers

SafeOpt by AddShoppers is a retargeting program that leverages a network of 175M+ shoppers to help eCommerce brands send more emails and generate incremental revenue.

SafeOpt is a retargeting program from AddShoppers created to maximize your website’s revenue while complementing your brand’s existing marketing efforts—not to replace your current email system. The 175M+ shoppers in SafeOpt’s network have opted to receive verified offers from 1,000+ brands like yours. When a SafeOpt shopper visits your website, shows interest, and abandons, SafeOpt sends them a targeted email with a special offer to direct them back to your store. Send 3-5x more emails to your site visitors with SafeOpt and maximize your revenue from traffic.

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Chad Ledford
Lea Donahue
BDR Manager

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