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Raiz Invest

Raiz has made micro investing possible through its proprietary investment platform. To assist our users to provide options on investing, Raiz have superannuation, Raiz kids, SMSF and Raiz Rewards

Raiz works by allowing you to invest small amounts of money into a diversified portfolio of assets. Raiz is best known for its Round-Up feature which involves rounding up your transactions to the nearest dollar and investing the spare change into your Raiz account. This means that for every purchase that you make, you are also investing into your Raiz portfolio.

  • Raiz Super = Having already made investing simple & accessible, we aim to do the same for your super.
  • SMSF = Onboard your SMSF to Raiz and leverage all the same great saving and investing features, including the Plus Portfolio.
  • Raiz Kids = Invest for your kids' future with Raiz Kids. Set up and manage separate accounts for each of your kids, contributing as much and as often as you like. You have the option to transfer the account to your child once they turn 18 years old.
  • Raiz Rewards = Shop through Raiz Rewards and we’ll invest bonus cash back into your account. It’s automatic savings across hundreds of your favourite brands.
Next steps

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Elvin Lie
Partnership Manager
Chanel Arapi
Partnerships Account Executive

Partner Types

  • Loyalty

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  • Finance

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TTV amount in average per month

$2.5 - $3mill per month

eDM open rate

~ 30%


63% from metro areas

Millennial Users