It’s time to upgrade your tracking to ensure accurate, persistent performance tracking with Partnerize. Be better prepared for a cookie-less future by visiting here! (formerly SmarterClick) is an award-winning shopper journey optimisation platform empowering online retailers to engage and convert shoppers

We are CRO experts, helping to enhance the sales potential of your website with personalised engagement tools that turn browsers into shoppers.

Our intelligent overlays, email remarketing, voucher code analytics and deep insights help you understand and enhance shopper journeys by engaging in the most relevant way, guiding them through the funnel.

Do these ecommerce challenges sound familiar?

  • Increase conversion rates (average CVR for ecommerce sites only 2.1%*) 
  • Customer Retention and Loyalty building ongoing relationships and repeat customers
  • Drive traffic and acquire new customers 
  • High cart and checkout abandonment rates (76% abandon before completion**)
  • Personalise the shopper experience to guide them through the purchase funnel
  • Traffic shaping based on source of traffic, shopper missions and business objectives
  • Manage inventory effectively, shift excess or seasonal stock, or redistribute demand
  • Data security and trust, building and maintaining customer trust is important
  • Data-driven decisions, a complete data view and proving the effectiveness of campaigns can help you meet these challenges through its technology stack and fully managed service.

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