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idealo is Europes’s leading platform for price and product comparison. We help consumers save money every time they shop online – we make it easy to find the best price.

We work in 6 European markets including Germany,
France, Spain, Italy, Austria and the UK.

Top line categories:

  • Electronic
  • Perfumes & cosmetics
  • Sport & Outdoor
  • Highstreet Fashion
  • Footwear
  • Games & Accessories

Brands restriction:
idealo's platform is relevant for retailers or manufacturers of comparable products. Established brands supplied by multiple retailers work well on our platform. Due to the nature of price comparison, idealo is not the ideal place to launch a new product.

Next steps

Do you think idealo would make a great partner on your campaign? If so, you can reach out to them directly, or find them on our platforms using the info below:

Ying Yuan
B2B Account Manager UK
Salima Faye
Senior Affiliate Marketing Manager

Partner Types

  • Comparison

Partner Verticals

  • Retail

Partner Regions


Monthly Page Views - Germany

50 Million

Monthly Page Views - France

4.5 Million

Monthly Page Views - Spain

3 Million

Monthly Page Views - United Kingdom

1.5 Million