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Your Definitive Guide to Partnerships: The Americas Edition

Jul 21, 2021

Ecommerce in North America alone is estimated to be worth $912B—growing at a staggering 13% rate annually. While North America still accounts for the highest proportion of this market, countries in South America saw a 37% retail ecommerce expansion in 2020, largely shaped by the global pandemic. Couple this with the fact that a recent Gartner survey indicates that 65% of CMOs cite an increase in spend in affiliate and the partnership channel, and it’s clear that the opportunity that exists for partnership in AMR is not only already sizeable but growing exponentially.

To further support the fact that ecommerce growth is on a serious rise, eMarketer reports a 30%+ jump in October 2020, catapulting the online shopping shift projections by nearly two years. Further, executive marketers who embrace the channel, value partnership highly for customer acquisition, spend control and brand safety. All things considered, it’s easy to see why more than 81% of brands and 84% of publisher partners turn to partnership for predictability, control and measurable success.

When it comes to partnership success in the Americas in 2021, whether you are new to the channel or simply looking to accelerate profitable growth from your existing partners, you need to understand exactly how partnerships work here. To this end, we’re pleased to bring you an informative guide, and extended toolkit, to help make your partnership or affiliate programs a success.

Our Definitive Guide to Partnerships the Americas Edition, is split into two key sections. First, you’ll receive a run-down on all things affiliate in the Americas with some useful tips and tricks to apply when it comes to managing your affiliate and digital partnerships. Second, you’ll receive some tools and worksheets you can use to help put these insights into practice. This informative guide is available to download now!

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