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[Webinar] The Cookieless Future Is Here. Is Your Performance Tracking Ready?

Oct 13, 2022

Director of Product Marketing

A projected 19.7% of worldwide retail spending will take place online this year–an all-time high for ecommerce. Influencing digital audiences in a meaningful way leaves marketers stretched thin, juggling conflicting priorities to increase profitable growth, remain competitive and design and execute a strategy that allows them to reach and convert their target audiences. Ever-evolving browser changes create an additional layer of complexity when it comes to performance marketing success–a hindrance that has forced marketers to adapt their tracking solutions. 


Exacerbating marketers’ ongoing struggle of cost-effective customer acquisition and fostering consumer loyalty amidst shifting buyer behavior are challenges associated with the marketing environment. Macro-level factors are arising more frequently than ever, creating instability for marketers that need to quickly adapt strategies and budgets to an ever-changing environment.


There’s good news: the partnership channel offers an opportunity to continue reaching audiences at scale amidst ongoing browser changes and emerging macro challenges.


Reserve your spot for our eMarketer Tech Talk webinar on Tuesday, October 18th, and learn the timeline of user-privacy changes in web browsers and mobile devices, how marketers and partners have been responding to restrictions, what changes we’ve seen in the past 12 months, and how you can address your partnership tracking to align with the inevitable move towards a cookie-less future.

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