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[Webinar Sign-Up] Partner Perspective: Supercharge Sales with the CSS Ecosystem + Everything You Need to Know About Shoparize Managed Services on Partnerize

Nov 14, 2023

EMEA Marketing Director

Partnerize works with some of the most successful and influential publisher partners in the industry. Our Partner Perspective series sets out to learn from the best of the best and pick up a few secrets to their success along the way.


In this installment, Partnerize caught up with Aleksandra Ronkiewicz from Shoparize for a chat ahead of our upcoming Partner Perspective webinar with special guest Burcu Togat, Partner Development Manager at Google.


Shoparize is a premium Google CSS Partner offering Managed and Self-Service CSS with a high traffic Comparison Shopping website listing. Shoparize runs additional Shopping Ad campaigns for merchants, bringing incremental sales across different shopping channels in a risk free way. Partner advertisements appear as a result of relevant Google search queries, displaying the right ads at the right time.



Partnerize: Welcome to our Partner Perspective series, Aleksandra! Can you share what a typical day at Shoparize looks like? 

Aleksnadra Ronkiewicz (AR):

We are really fortunate in that our headquarters is based in the heart of Amsterdam, so our days typically start with a stand-up meeting and freshly ground coffee, overlooking the boats and canals of the city. We usually have a mix of long term partnerships and new clients campaigns going live, so we discuss everything of focus for that day. This includes key client and partner activity as well as what’s happening in-market, trends of note and how to optimise our existing campaigns for peak performance. 

Throughout the day, we get busy quickly and often have external client and partner meetings. So starting off the day together by aligning on priorities is really valuable and important to ensure that we deliver on our clients’ goals.


Partnerize: What sets your company apart from others or makes it unique?

AR: What set us apart is our vision of the long-term partnership and a consultative relationship – with strong focus on delivering incremental revenue in a risk-free way.


Shoparize works with a CPA model, meaning partners of Shoparize only pay commission on verified sales – with no set-up fees, and no minimum contract length. In this way, we aim to create strong levels of confidence between our partners and the service we provide.

Running successful campaigns is our number one priority, however, finding ways to help our customers by engaging in their success became our differentiator as a Comparison Shopping Service.

As a Premium Partner of Google, we have access to rich advertiser insights, which can build a really granular picture when overlaid with our own first-party data. This is particularly helpful for SMB clients with smaller teams and resources, as they can work alongside Shoparize to help scale and grow their business, even with limited resources. And of course, as a premium Comparison Shopping Partner, with access to premium support, we are able to help our partners solve any upcoming issues quickly. 



Partnerize: What types of programs is your team looking to partner with?

AR: We work with everyone who sells physical products. This includes fashion and beauty, home and garden, electronics, gifting, sports and fitness and so on. So really, if you are an advertiser and are selling a physical product on Google, we can help you generate additional revenue and incremental sales via this channel.

And we can drive incremental revenue even while operating alongside another CSS program, be it with another provider or an internal program.



Partnerize: You’ve been working with Partnerize for many years now? Can you share any successes during the time working together? 

AR: It all comes down to that ability to create long-term partnerships with advertisers through all of the capabilities the platform offers.

Partnerize enables us to easily manage the day-to-day execution of our partnerships activities in a real-time source of truth. The team works on the interface daily, communicating with advertisers in a clear and transparent way, and managing every detail of the activity. 

Just as importantly, working on Partnerize allows us to discover and integrate new advertisers quickly, as well as build offline relationships with a bigger pool of exciting brands. On Partnerize, we are able to approve and activate campaigns almost immediately and return traffic very quickly. It’s a great platform to do business and build partnerships.



Partnerize: What Partnerize technology innovation has had the greatest impact on your team?

AR: We really benefit from the real-time data insights which allow us to optimise campaign performance. I mentioned access to Google insights earlier, as well as our own first-party data. Layering these tools with Partnerize data especially allows us to build up an accurate picture, and make data-informed decisions that have an incredible impact on program success for our clients.  

Additionally, Partnerize allows merchants to upload their product data in a flexible and free-form way, instead of working with a strict, pre-defined structure. This benefits merchants, as they can upload feeds in a way most convenient for them. It also allows us additional flexibility and creativity within our campaign setup process.




Partnerize: What is one thing people should know about Shoparize 

AR: People are often surprised that our omni-channel capabilities can help our partners achieve their offline goals as well. Shoparize is one of the few CSS partners who actively offers and assists in onboarding Local Inventory Ads – helping to drive increased traffic to physical store locations, as well as their online webshops, while still working with a CPA structure. 

Having been founded in The Netherlands, Shoparize continues to hold a competitive share of the market throughout the 21 European Union member countries. We are only scratching the surface when it comes to our knowledge gained, and our hunger to grow within the e-commerce market throughout Europe. 

Shoparize has been an active part of the online Shopping journey for nearly a decade, helping shoppers and merchants connect online with transparent, customer-centric service on a global scale. By harnessing the power of Google technology and the tools we develop in-house, Shoparize puts products on the map by creating and running ads alongside your current campaigns. Provide us with your product data, and we take care of the rest – optimizing, uploading, and running your campaign. Your Shopping Ads will appear alongside relevant search queries, and on the Shoparize website, directing potential customers straight to your landing page for direct purchasing.



Partnerize: What’s next on the roadmap for Shoparize?

AR: Our suite of product offerings only continues to increase – setting us apart from our competitors. We grew our business 3x in 2022 and are tracking for over 2x growth this year, despite not even being at peak trading period yet. We’ve managed to increase our market share and are delivering better quality services and better results. 

We’re evolving our own technology too for our advertisers – sharing personalised dashboards and working to provide a better end-user experience, with the assistance of Partnerize, to help further inform their future strategy. For us, 2024 is about enhancing the transparency we currently offer our clients and ensuring our collaborative successes to ultimately deliver more value to our partners.



Partnerize: Three words that best describe your company…

AR: Transparent, forward-thinking, impactful.



To find out more about working with Shoparize, register for the Partner Perspective webinar: Everything You Need to Know About Shoparize Managed Services on Partnerize, right here

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