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[Webinar Sign-Up] Partner Perspective: SKINSKOOL

Feb 16, 2023

Director of Content

Partnerize works with some of the most successful and influential publisher partners in the industry. Our Partner Perspective series sets out to learn from the best of the best and pick up a few secrets to their success along the way.


In this installment, we highlight partner, SKINSKOOL, with the help of their cofounder and CEO, Monieka Bos.



Share a little about your company

SKINSKOOL is the online destination for product discovery by ingredient content. We started out creating an algorithmic INCI list similarity tracker and attracted millions of users. We are now on the verge of launching SKINSKOOL 2.0 which broadens the product discovery options without losing the foundations we’ve built around objective ingredient information.



What types of programs is your team looking to partner with?

Any brands that create great quality and effective skincare is a good partner for us. We give brands the opportunity to meet their potential customers at a critical point in their research journey, when they are weighing the different alternatives on the market for their specific skin concerns.



Can you share a success highlight from your partnership with Partnerize that really stands out to you?
Partnerize stands out to us as a platform that really cares about its brands’ and publishers’ success. We attended their summit in NYC last year and we were blown away by the caliber of speakers and the resources they invested.   



What do you attribute your company’s success to with Partnerize?
We love working with great people and Partnerize is filled with them, from the top down. Partnerize people take the time to really get to know your specific business with its unique qualities. As SKINSKOOL is not a cookie-cutter publisher, this is especially meaningful to us.



What is one thing people should know about your company?

We are real people! Monieka, Terry and Adrian make up the core founding team and we built this company with the guiding star being our own frustrations as beauty consumers. We are a small and nimble team that tries to put a personal touch on everything we do.



What’s on the roadmap for your company?
Once our SKINSKOOL 2.0 upgrades go live we will be investing heavily in content and traffic generating activities. We are on track to making SKINSKOOL an integral step in every beauty consumer’s buying journey. 



Three words that best describe your company…go!

This changes everything!



To learn more about SKINSKOOL, register to attend our upcoming Partner Perspective webinar!


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