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Unlocking Influencer Growth Through Your Partner Marketing Program

Aug 27, 2020

Director of Sales Operations

Influencer marketing has been growing steadily for years now, with many brands looking to use the channel not only for brand awareness but also for direct sales and revenue growth. If your company is among the brands investing in this area, you should consider how you actually define influencer marketing and the priorities for your brand in this channel. Once you’ve done that, you can begin to consider the best technology partner to work with to unlock growth.

What is influencer marketing?

While it can mean different things to different brands, a common definition of influencer marketing is a collaboration between brands and influencers to market products or services. The definition of an influencer is still evolving but can be generally described as those who have an online following and power to affect purchasing decisions.

Influencer marketing began as a way for celebrity spokespeople to leverage their massive social media followings with paid endorsements. Over the past decade, the channel has evolved into a highly effective marketing program to build authenticity with an audience, grow high-quality awareness, and drive scale. Through this evolution, measuring influencer ROI has been a challenge for brands but today’s technology innovations have made it easier to understand and measure. 

How does Partnerize enable brands to ‘unlock’ growth potential with influencer marketing?

We understand that influencer marketing is evolving, so perhaps the way in which brands use this effective form of marketing needs to evolve too.

Integrating your influencer program with a partnership technology such as Partnerize provides you with the potential to unlock growth opportunities. Here are a few of the benefits:

Better tracking and improved measurement: to provide data and commercial transparency to the influencer partners that are helping you achieve your program KPI’s.

Moving your program to a performance/hybrid payment model: provide compensation beyond reach or likes, allowing you to pay on metrics that drive real value for your business.

Discovering new partners: using AI-powered Partner Discovery, you uncover new influencer partners to tap into new audiences and revenue opportunities.

Optimized experience for influencers: mobile tools to make link creation and copying, as well as tracking easy for your influencers; AllTrack Chrome extension allows influencers to grab links easily without logging in to the platform.

Third-party influencer platform
closing the loop on metrics and reporting, enabling campaign optimization, and the ability to open up areas of growth.

Ultimately, the Partnerize technology can be utilized to help meet your specific campaign KPIs and ensure a more flexible, robust influencer marketing strategy. 

Three Ways to Build a More Robust Influencer Marketing Strategy using the Partnerize Platform

Leverage Intelligent Partner Discovery

One easy way to work with influencers using the Partnerize Platform is to use the Intelligent Partner Discovery feature to find influencers within the ecosystem, to partner with and easily invite them to join your program. The technology leverages machine learning to find partners, including influencers, that make sense for your brand. 

The Partner Discovery interface allows advertisers to use the pre-built filters to narrow down potential partner searches, these include Vertical, Partner Type, and Operating Country.  The feature also has search functionality and will also recommend partners to you based on our AI technology and machine learning. After you have invited the influencers, they are then required to accept your businesses’ set of terms and conditions in order to access their tracking links and begin promoting your brand. 

Third-Party Influencer Platform Integrations

Another way to use Partnerize to work with influencers is via integrated third-party influencer marketing technology partners, with whom we have direct API connections. Utilizing these partners gives you the ability to search for influencers within their respective communities based on the metrics that are important to your business, such as reach, followers, hashtags, demographics, or mentions. Once you have invited the influencers to your program, the Partnerize API will automatically create a Partnerize Partner account for them. This not only gives you the ability to communicate directly with them, but it also gives them the ability to optimize programs in real-time using data and insights from the Partnerize Platform.

Work with Managed or Self-Managed Service Providers

Another option is to onboard a technology partner that offers fully-managed and self-managed influencer services. These companies build and support communities of influencers, and make it easier to find, invite, and work with influencers. 

Running an influencer program through these partner types enables you to utilize their existing marketplace of relevant influencers that have already been vetted and meet minimum requirements that you may have as a brand. A managed service provider can be a great partner if you are new to running influencer marketing programs. Through this single partner, you can gain access to hundreds or thousands of influencers relevant to your brand.

You can leverage these partners in two different ways:

Fully managed service program approach, in which the solution provider helps identify the right influencers and fully manages the execution of your program based on your KPI’s and objectives. 

Self-service approach in which you leverage their technology to find and work with influencers, but do not avail yourself of program management services. This allows you to work directly with the influencers, negotiate payment terms, and closely monitor their results in real-time to ensure you are achieving a return on your investment.

In short, Partnerize offers many options for forming and managing influencer programs. The platform allows you to unlock growth by providing more transparency and the ability to expand both the scale and types of influencers you work with in line with your growth goals. 

If you are an existing Partnerize customer, reach out to your Customer Success lead to either kick off your influencer program journey, or give yourself more flexibility, automation, and control with your current one.

If you are not currently working with Partnerize, reach out, and let’s have a conversation!

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