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The Tremendous Value of Direct Relationships

May 13, 2020

SVP and Head of Partnerships

At Partnerize, one of the key benefits we deliver versus going with a network is that advertisers can enjoy direct relationships with their top partners, and partners can work directly with the brands that drive their revenue and profit. It stands to reason that such relationships foster closer and more productive partnerships. They also help better align brands and partners based on insights each can deliver to the other.

For Brands

Partners have tremendous insight into their target audiences and site visitors. One of the big ways that they are adding value in these uncertain times is by telling brands which categories are selling well. The current situation has had significant impact on what people are browsing and buying:

  • It has, in some cases, changed buying priorities
  • It has put new economic pressures on some households
  • #Stayathome has made people more aware of and interested in sprucing up their surroundings
  • #Stayathome has also increased interest in and demand for office products so that office workers can instead do their jobs remotely
  • Closed schools have increased interest in children’s entertainment and education
  • Some are looking to online shopping as entertainment

Across our client base, we have seen significant increases in clicks and conversions for casual apparel, jewelry, home furnishings, garden, and office equipment, to name just a few.

Partners can provide even more “surgical” insights into products that are in high demand. They can tell you specifically, for their traffic, which goods are stimulating the greatest interest and conversions. Many sites are now informing their key clients of these insights. But it makes sense for partners and clients to connect directly for even richer information.

For Partners

Working directly with brands gives partners the opportunity to identify new ways to meet needs and drive revenue. By speaking directly, partners can learn about new programs, offer suggestions for ways to drive increased revenue for everyone, and communicate news and information to their top revenue sources.

Many partners have told me that they appreciate direct relationships because they offer both greater insight and faster action-taking. All of us understand the value of being nimble in these times.

Some Advice

We highly recommend that brands and their partners connect to share ideas and insights that can drive mutual benefit. My team is also working with partners to help them develop new relationships with key partners.

Taking action in this way is important as a way of improving immediate results and setting yourself up for greater success in the future. Many partners and advertisers are reporting increasing sales through the channel. Being there at the points of consideration and purchase is important. New habits are being created. People who have never purchased from certain categories online are now doing so.

Get connected. Stay connected. Speak with your “majors” now if you have not done so already. If you work with a major partner but don’t have regular contact with that firm, I urge you to reach out to the Partnerize Partnerships team and we can help get you talking and sharing.

Let’s get growing together.

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