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The Definitive Partnership Guide to Southeast Asia

Apr 16, 2021

APAC Marketing Director

The Southeast Asia (SEA) region is now the world-leading market for e-commerce growth which has allowed for innovative and interesting partnerships to prosper. Southeast Asia has now been deemed the fastest growing internet region in the world. According to Google and Temasek, ecommerce in Southeast Asia is expected to grow to $200 Billion USD by 2025. With affiliate marketing making up more and more of a brand’s online revenue, that means the potential market is worth $40B by 2025! E-commerce is the fastest growing sector in SEA’s $100B
web economy. The rise of mobile and smartphone adoption has also increased almost 4% last year with most people using their smartphone or tablets to shop and connect online. One thing is for sure, while this is a growing market, it is cutting edge when it comes to partnerships.

If you’re looking for partnership success in Southeast Asia, you’ve come to the right place! We’re pleased to bring you an informative guide, and extended toolkit, to help you have a successful year ahead. Our partnership guide is split into two key sections. First, we’ll give you the run-down on everything Southeast Asia when it comes to managing your affiliate marketing and digital partnerships. We’ll share tips and tricks on how to be successful, as well as insights from industry leaders from across the region. Second, we provide you with some tools and worksheets you can use to set yourself up for a successful year!

You can download the guide here and if you’d like to learn more about the ways Partnerize can help you succeed in Southeast Asia, do reach out to us at or visit

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